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Cabin Crew Rest Facilities

This document provides guidance for in-flight rest facilities provided for use by cabin crew on commercial transport airplane. This document is applicable to dedicated cabin crew rest facilities with rigid walls. The facility includes a bunk or other surface that allows for a flat sleeping position, is located in an area that is temperature-controlled, allows the crew member to control light, and provides isolation from noise and disturbance.

Design and Operating Requirements of the Onboard Aircraft Refueling System and Associated Ground Refueling Equipment Interface

This SAE Aerospace Specification (AS) is applicable to all aircraft. This AS defines the minimum design and operating requirements for the aircraft refueling interface. These requirements establish the minimum criteria for the aircraft design that provides practical standardized refueling system requirements, provides minimum standardized criteria for the operation and performance of any aircraft refueling equipment, and establishes an integrated minimum performance for aircraft refueling operations. This standardization provides the minimum design criteria to assure full compatibility between the aircraft refueling system connection point(s), aircraft operating characteristics, and the design and operation of ground based aircraft refueling equipment in all steady state and dynamic refueling and defueling conditions. The criteria that shall be used to test the operation and performance of the aircraft refueling system and equipment are also specified.