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Guidance on Mitigation Strategies Against Laser Illumination Effects

This document is intended to give guidance to users, regulators and persons in the aviation field who may be affected by the potential visual interference effects of lasers aimed at aircraft by the general public. The potential effects include startle (distraction, disruption, disorientation, and operational incapacitation), glare, and flashblindness. This document provides mitigation strategies against such effects, including operational procedures, pilot education, and the use of Laser Glare Protection. Prevention of harm from laser eye injuries is discussed but is not a focus of this document, due to the extremely low likelihood of injurious levels of laser light in typical aircraft illumination scenarios. Devices for detecting and reporting hazardous laser illuminations are briefly described in Appendix D, but are not a focus of this document. Some information in this document may also be useful for non-aviation users, such as persons driving vehicles.

Process for Assessment and Mitigation of Early Wearout of Life-limited Microcircuits

This document is intended for use by designers, reliability engineers, and others associated with the design, production, and support of electronic sub-assemblies, assemblies, and equipment used in ADHP applications to conduct lifetime assessments of microcircuits with the potential for early wearout; and to implement mitigations when required; and by the users of the ADHP equipment to assess those designs and mitigations. This document focuses on the LLM wearout assessment process. It acknowledges that the ADHP system design process also includes related risk mitigation and management; however, this document includes only high-level reference and discussion of those topics, in order to show their relationship to the LLM assessment process.

Fluid, Aircraft Deicing/Anti-Icing, SAE Type 1

This foundation specification (AMS1424N) and its associated category specifications (AMS1424/1 and AMS1424/2) cover a deicing/anti-icing material in the form of a fluid.