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Rotary Flap Peening of Metal Parts

This specification covers procedures and requirements for peening of metal parts with portable, bonded-shot, rotary flap assemblies in accordance with AS2592. The principles of rotary flap peening are similar to conventional shot peening, except conversion of arc height values using the magnetic Almen test strip holder is required for intensity determination.

Supplemental Propulsion System Performance Station Designation

This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) supplements the AS755 performance station designation system for complex or unconventional propulsion cycles and their derivatives. The station numbering conventions presented herein are for use in all communications concerning propulsion system performance such as computer programs, data reduction, design activities, and published documents. They are intended to facilitate calculations by the program user without unduly restricting the method of calculation used by the program supplier. The contents of this document will follow AS755 and AS6502 where applicable. The list of symbols presented herein will be used for identification of input and output parameters. These symbols are not required to be used as internal parameter names within the engine subprogram.