NADCAP Requirements for Accreditation of Full Distributors(Cancelled Nov 2007)

  • 2007-11-19

This Aerospace Standard (AS) establishes the minimum requirements for the quality assurance program of a distributor of factor new material and excess inventory, assembled, altered, new, used, remanufactured, repaired, rebuilt, or overhauled parts and materials. It is applicable to the distributor who procures parts and materials, assembles higher level components/assemblies from parts or kits, or performs or contracts for the alteration, assembly, modification, remanufacture, repair, rebuilding or overhaul of products and resells them to customers or other distributors (i.e., a VALUE ADDED DISTRIBUTOR). NADCAP accreditation is granted in accordance with SAE AS7003 after demonstrating compliance with the requirements herein. These requirements may be supplemented by additional requirements specified by the NADCAP distributors task group. Using the audit checklist (AC7104) will ensure that accredited full distributors meet all of the requirements in this standard and all applicable supplementary standards.


The Nadcap Management Council approved the cancellation of the Nadcap Distributor Accreditation Programs (AC7103, AC7103/1, AC7103/2, and AC7104 and all related standards) during the October 2006 meeting.

Effective January 2007, Nadcap will no longer certify Full or Pass-Through Distributors. All future audits have been cancelled and those companies affected have been notified. Any payments made for these future audits were refunded.

Existing Accreditation Certificates for the affected standards will remain in effect until their identified expiration dates. Requests for extension to those expiration dates will be considered by the AQS Task Group in accordance with current practices.

The basis for cancellation of this program was the limited number of participating distributors and prime users. The program has been steadily shrinking over the last several years, due in part by the increasing recognition of the international standard for pass-through distributors (stockists), AS/EN/SJAC 9120. There is also an increasing requirement by prime users to require a more complete quality system standard for those distributors performing value-added processing, such as AS/EN/SJAC 9100 or ISO 9001:2000.

Standard Published Revision Status
AS7104A 2007-11-19 Latest Cancelled
1996-01-01 Historical Issued
  • SAE AS 7104
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