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JAUS Mission Spooling Service Set

This document defines a set of standard application layer interfaces called JAUS Mission Spooling Services. JAUS Services provide the means for software entities in an unmanned system or system of unmanned systems to communicate and coordinate their activities. The Mission Spooling Services represent the physical platform-independent capabilities commonly found across all domains and types of unmanned systems. At present, one service is defined in this document (more services are planned for future versions of this document): - Mission Spooler: Stores, manages, and executes lists of tasks The Mission Spooler service is described by a JAUS Service Definition (JSD) which specifies the message set and message protocol required for compliance. The JSD is fully compliant with the JAUS Service Interface Definition Language (JSIDL).

Motors, Aircraft Hydraulic, Constant Displacement General Specification For

This Specification covers constant displacement hydraulic motors, generally remotely mounted, using hydraulic fluid under pressure as the energy transfer medium for driving various accessories. Hydraulic motors shall be suitable for use in aircraft hydraulic systems conforming to and as defined in MIL-H-5440 and MIL-H-8891 as applicable.