Fatigue Test Procedures: Hubs and Wheels for Demountable Rims

  • 2016-06-30
  • SAE International

This SAE Recommended Practice provides uniform laboratory procedures for fatigue testing of wheels for demountable rims and hubs intended for normal highway use on trucks, buses, truck trailers, and multipurpose passenger vehicles. The hubs included have bolt circle diameters from 165.1 to 335.0 mm (6.500 to 13.189 in). It is up to each hub and/or wheel for demountable rims manufacturer to determine what test method, accelerated load factor and cycle life requirements are applicable to obtain satisfactory service life in a given application. When deviations from the procedures recommended herein are made, it is the responsibility of the hub and/or wheel for demountable rims developer to modify other parameters to obtain satisfactory service life.


During the 5-year review, “test fixture adaptor plate” was made consistent in Figure 1 where the terms “test fixture adaptor plate” and “adaptor plate” were previously used. “slr” and “d” dimensions were referenced as “m(in)” where “mmx10-3 (in) was previously used. Table 3 data in “mm” was converted to “m” units. Table 1 added mounting system column and corrected hole pattern diameters, 8.000 corrected to 8.071 inch, Added row for 13.188 inch bolt circle. Removed 170mm bolt circle. Hub bolt circles are listed in units native to each mounting system. 17.15 was 17.16. Bottom note for plate stress was removed. Reference to SAE J694 dimensions was added. Equation 1 font now italics. 3.2.3 “Equation 1” removed from equation description. Table 2, note 2 was clarified to show dry torque meaning no additional lubricants from a fastener in new condition. Added section 2.1.2 for tire and rim association reference. Section 3.2.3, 3.3.3, and 3.3.4: S is defined as the “accelerated load factor” and was “test factor”. Note of table 1 was removed as being obsolete and unnecessary. Table 3 note for tire sizes not shown was reworded to match J267. Added “http://www.us-tra-org to bottom note. Table 4 was moved to section 3.3.4 and was in section 3.5. Cells of table 4 are merged and centered.

Standard Published Revision Status
J1095_201606 2016-06-30 Latest Revised
2009-10-12 Historical Revised
2003-03-07 Historical Revised
1995-03-01 Historical Revised
1991-01-01 Historical Revised
1986-03-01 Historical Revised
1982-06-01 Historical Issued
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