Immunity to Conducted Transients on Power Leads.


This SAE Standard defines methods and apparatus to evaluate electronic devices for immunity to potential interference from conducted transients along battery feed or switched ignition inputs. Test apparatus specifications outlined in this procedure were developed for components installed in vehicles with 12-V systems (passenger cars and light trucks, 12-V heavy-duty trucks, and vehicles with 24-V systems). Presently, it is not intended for use on other input/output (I/O) lines of the device under test (DUT).


The document is revised to re-insert Pulse 4, Pulse 5a, Pulse 5b, and Pulse 5c. All corresponding information has also been added to the main body and appendices. These pulses were originally deleted from the March 2002 version of the document (by referencing to ISO16750-2). Since there is no equivalent SAE version of the ISO 10650-2, these pulses are re-inserted to provide specifications in a SAE document. Function Performance Status Classifications utilized in Appendix B has also been updated to reflect the latest changes in SAE J1812. Pulse 5C and Appendix E were added in order to recognize the load dump considerations of the Heavy Truck Industry and were transferred from SAE J1455. For conducted transient immunity testing using Chattering Relay test method, see SAE J2628. Vehicle/load simulators were referred to in 3.2.4 but were not shown in Figures 1A and 1B. New Figures 1A and 1B have been added to include vehicle/load simulators.

The load dump pulse and Appendix B from SAE J1455 is included in SAE J1113-11. SAE J1455 will reference EMC load dump immunity test to this document in the future.

Standard Published Revision Status
J1113/11_201201 2012-01-30 Latest Revised
2007-06-25 Historical Revised
2006-01-16 Historical Revised
2000-03-14 Historical Revised
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