Electromagnetic Compatibility Measurements Procedure for Vehicle Components - Part 27 - Immunity to Radiated Electromagnetic Fields - Mode Stir Reverberation Method


1.1 Vehicle electrical/electronic systems may be affected when immersed in an electromagnetic field generated by sources such as radio and TV broadcast stations, radar and communication sites, mobile transmitters, cellular phones, etc. The reverberation method is used to evaluate the immunity of electronic devices in the frequency range of 500 MHz to 2.0 GHz, with possible extensions to 200 MHz and 10 GHz, depending upon chamber size and construction. Optional pulse modulation testing at HIRF (High Intensity Radiated Fields) test levels, based upon currently known environmental threats, has been added to this revision of the standard. This document addresses the Mode Stir (Continuous Stirring) Reverberation testing method which has been successfully utilized as a design and production stage development tool for many years. The Mode Tuned (Stepped Tuner) Reverberation testing method is covered in the SAE J1113-28 document. 1.2 This document provides the component design and test engineers with a test procedure and the performance requirements necessary to quickly evaluate the immunity of electronic devices to radiated electromagnetic fields early in the design stage as well as pilot and production stages. This method is an alternative to testing in an absorber lined chamber. Ensuring electromagnetic compatibility early in the development stage will minimize costly changes later in the program and will prevent excessive component level hardening during full-vehicle level testing. 1.3 The reverberation test method performs a dual function: 1.3.1 The primary function of the method is to provide a bench test procedure correlative to vehicle level radiated immunity testing in the anechoic chamber and at mobile transmitter sites. 1.3.2 The method can quickly evaluate the relative performance of different designs of the same device.


This revision of J1113-27 incorporates updates to the reverberation chamber test methodology which have been developed since the last revision of the standard. These updates include portions and references from ISO 11452-11, IEC 61000-4-21, MIL-STD-461F and RTCA DO-160G.

Standard Published Revision Status
J1113/27_201206 2012-06-06 Latest Revised
2005-09-27 Historical Revised
1995-02-01 Historical Issued
  • SAE J 1113/27
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