Daytime Running Light

  • 2011-01-11
  • SAE International

This SAE Standard provides test procedures, requirements, and guidelines for a daytime running light (DRL) function.


This document was revised to incorporate changes to the new more user-friendly photometry format balloted and approved in June 2006. There are photometry requirements changes to this document. The current Table 1 – Photometric Requirements is replaced with the new format Figure 1 - Photometric Requirements for a Dedicated Lamp Providing the DRLF (Function) Having Effective Projected Luminous Lens Area of 200 cm2 or Less, Figure 1 will allow closer harmonizing with the ECE DRL. Table 2 - Photometric Requirements is replaced with the new format Figure 2 Photometric Requirements for a Dedicated Lamp Providing the DRLF (Function) Having Effective Projected Luminous Lens Area More Than 200 cm2. A Figure 3 - Photometric Requirements for a Turn Signal or Park Lamp Providing the DRLF (Function) has been added. This gives an alternate solution for Turn and/or Park functions, and is referenced in CMVSS 108, paragraph 47, as SAE J2087 1991 Table 2. In Figure 2 and 3 the HV value remains at 500 cd to harmonize with Canada and their latest updates to CMVSS 108 Which made reference to Table 1 in 6.2.1, SAE J2087 MAR2006, will be replaced with Figure 1 and reference to Table 2 in 6.2.2, SAE J2087 MAR2006, will be replaced with Figure 2. The Lighting Identification Code has been updated to allow all marking codes from U.S. and Canada, as well as the SAE and ECE codes. Section 6.7.4, DRL Function Location With Respect to Other Lamps, has had the ECE option of 40 mm separation between lighted edges added to the 100 mm separation requirement and the new reduced intensity option as opposed to switching the lamp off. This is done to comply with ECE requirements and the Canadian option to comply with the ECE requirement. Changed “shall be” to “should be” in 8.4 to coincide with the guidelines section rather than a requirement. Changed lower beam to low beam and upper beam to high beam to agree with revised SAE terminology. Changed 5.7 to read …..photometer located at least 3 m from the point where the optical axis intersects the outer surface of the DRL lens. Reworded 6.7.3 (b) and (c) to improve wording and make more easily understood Changed 6.7.3(c) to read.. in the case of an high beam headlamp whose reduced luminous intensity at test point H-V is 2000 cd or less There have been are several editorial updates and corrections made to parts of this document that have no effect on the technical content. Changed read; The device will conform when operated at 2.5X intensity and conforming to one of the front turn signal distribution figures, or when the device under test shall be designed to conform to the light intensity distribution (candela) values as shown in Figure 3 when tested accordance with 5.7 This change simplifies the design and use of turn signal lamps as DRL and will not exclude those already designed to Figure 3. Changed in 6.7.3(b); not less than 50% to 40% to more accurately reflect paragraph 48 of CMVSS the voltage reduced to 75% which is approximately 40% intensity reduction. Added “or Parking Lamp” to title of Figure 3 Reworded 6.9.1( c ) to clarify and show compliance with FMVSS 108 and CMVSS 108 Removed from 7.1.2 the words “yellow colored” since some manufacturers are using the blue high beam telltale Expanded 7.3.2 min and max range of mounting to harmonize with all possible U.S. Canadian, and ECE applications In 8.2.3, added the words “and/or fog lamps” are switched on. NOTE: For the purpose of alignment and harmonization of this SAE standard with requirements of Canadian regulation that makes installation of devices providing daytime running light function mandatory, this standard contains wording and figures that partially or entirely reproduce the text and figures from the draft Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 108.

Standard Published Revision Status
J2087_201708 2017-08-17 Latest Revised
2016-06-03 Historical Revised
2015-09-02 Historical Revised
2014-12-02 Historical Revised
2011-10-10 Historical Revised
2011-01-11 Historical Revised
2006-03-08 Historical Revised
1997-07-01 Historical Revised
1991-08-31 Historical Issued
  • SAE J 2087
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