Fastener Part Standard - Cap Screws, Hex, Heavy Hex and Heavy Hex Structural Bolts, and Hex Nuts (Inch Dimensioned)

  • 2016-11-15
  • SAE International

This SAE Part Standard covers selected inch screws, bolts, structural bolts, and nuts manufactured in accordance with ASTM International and SAE fastener standards. Appendix A covers bolt blanks to manufacture fitted bolts of specific materials. This document covers fastener materials often used in ship systems and equipment but its use may be applied wherever fasteners of the covered materials are used. This document permits the fasteners to be identified and ordered by a part identification number (PIN) as defined in this document.


Title: Clarified title that heavy hex and structural bolts are covered herein but their preference is limited.

Section 1: Added caution statement about hazardous materials.

Section 2: Added several new referenced standards.

Section 3: Added Definitions is new.

Figure 1: Field 3 deleted Designator 9. Field 4 added Hex Flange Screws and Heavy Hex Bolts. Field 5 added nominal size designators for socket head cap screws less than 1/4 inch nominal diameter. Field 7 Deleted Designators A, G (with H or M), P, V, W, X and Y; Added Designators AH, F, N, NA, NC, ZA and ZC.

Table 1: Identified coverage of zinc coated ASTM A193 fasteners. Corrected referenced yield strength values for ASTM A354 Grade BD. To be in accordance with ASTM A307 corrected that Grade A is preferred to be Hex Bolts not Hex Cap Screws. ASTM F468 added Aluminum Alloys and Titanium Alloy 23. Added Socket Button Head Cap Screw configurations for ASTM F835 and ASTM F879. Added Hex Flange Screws for SAE J429. Revised coatings/finishes from “Recommended” to “Cited by Fastener Standard” but this change has no effect on users choices.

Figure 2: Field 4 added Hex Flange and Large Hex Flange Nuts. Field 7 deleted Designators A, G (with H or M), P, V, W and Y; Added Designators AH, F, N, NA, NC, S, ZA and ZC.

Table 2: ASTM A194 identified marking for zinc coated nuts and hex slotted nuts in Note. ASTM A563 added Hex Flange and Large Hex Flange Nuts. ASTM F467 added Heavy Hex nuts, Aluminum Alloys and Titanium Alloy 23. ASTM F594 added Hex, Heavy Hex, Hex Flange and Large Hex Flange Nuts. Revised coatings/finishes from “Recommended” to “Cited by Fastener Standard” but this change has no effect on user choices.

Table 3: Adjusted length increments for longer lengths.

Section 4: Added specific thread fits for socket type cap screws. Revised coating notes due to coatings changes. Designator F, in accordance with ISO 10683 is added as an option to allow multiple manufacturers to supply that coating type. Hexavalent chromium has been prohibited due to environmental and regulatory concerns. Replaced canceled SAE J121 with superseding ASTM F2328 for decarburization to reflect same change in SAE J429. Revised Quality Assurance requirements. Addressed flat countersunk head cap screw wedge tensile testing. Added max hardness to NiCuAl.

Section 5: Added selection guidance for heavy hex screws, heavy hex nuts, Nickel Alloy 686 and Titanium Ti-5-1-1-1.

Table A1: Added 2-1/4 inch bolt blank.

Editorial changes have been made throughout.

Standard Published Revision Status
J2295_201611 2016-11-15 Latest Revised
2006-05-16 Historical Revised
2004-04-01 Historical Revised
1998-10-01 Historical Revised
1996-08-01 Historical Revised
  • SAE J 2295
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