SENT - Single Edge Nibble Transmission for Automotive Applications


This document defines a level of standardization in the implementation of the digital pulse scheme for reporting sensor information via Single Edge Nibble Transmission (SENT) encoding. This standard will allow ECU and tool manufacturers to satisfy the needs of multiple end users with minimum modifications to the basic design. This standard will benefit vehicle Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) by achieving lower ECU costs due to higher industry volumes of the basic design.

Requirements stated in this document provide a minimum standard level of performance to which all compatible ECUs and media shall be designed. This assures data communication among all connected devices regardless of supplier.

The intended audience includes, but is not limited to, ECU suppliers, sensor suppliers, component release engineers and vehicle system engineers


Revised based on feedback from suppliers making production versions.

  • Changes meet the new EMC standard IEC 62132-4.
  • Addition of an optional pause pulse
  • Defining a new enhanced serial message as an optional replacement for the original short serial data message
  • Clarifying the diagnostics and remedial actions for successive calibration pulses comparisons
  • Added recommended modification to 4-bit checksum calculation. Recommended checksum calculation includes processing a zero nibble in addition to the data nibbles to protect for common error in last data nibble and checksum. The original CRC method is retained as an option for designs already in process or production that were developed according to previous SENT norms.
  • Added new recommended circuit topology to better handle 3.3V systems. All new sensors should use the recommended topology. The original topology is retained as an option for designs already in process or production that were developed according to previous SENT norms.
  • Added configuration shorthand notation
  • Updated MAF, Temperature and Pressure applications to take advantage of the new Enhanced Serial Message
  • Added EMC Susceptibility testing guidelines
  • Added reset action by transmitter
  • Changes for clarifications or to address typos.
  • History:
    Standard Published Revision Status
    J2716_201001 2010-01-27 Latest Revised
    2008-02-26 Historical Revised
    2007-04-10 Historical Issued
    • SAE J 2716
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