User's Guide for the Six Month Old Infant Dummy (CRABI)

  • 2017-11-08
  • SAE International

The CRABI dummy was developed to evaluate small child restraint systems in automotive crash environments, in all directions of impact, with or without air bag interaction Basic anthropometry for this test device was taken from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute Report 85-23. Weight distribution and scaling methods for the infant were approved by the Society of Automotive (SAE) Infant Dummy Task Group. The dummy weighs 17.2 pounds and has a 26.4 inches standing or 17.3 inches sitting height. The Hybrid Ill-like neck and lumbar spine are laterally notched to reduce lateral stiffness The shoulders have flesh support for durability and human-like performance in areas where seatbelt webbing may be placed. In addition, rubber elements are used in each joint to improve biofidelity and to give the CRABI infant-like range of motion. The CRABI Six-Month-Old design meets all the SAE Infant Dummy Task Group anthropometry, biomechanical and instrumentation requirements. The instrumentation design incorporates three 6-channel load cells to provide load measurements at the C1, C7 and L5 vertebrae locations. Accelerometers are used to measure head, chest and pelvic acceleration and head angular acceleration. All instrumentation is easily accessed


SAE J2854 replaced EA-28 in 2011. In addition to the format change and the correction of typographical and grammatical errors, the following corrections were made to this document. INTRODUCTION – moved accelerometer mount note to Section 3.6 and revised ACKNOWLEDGMENT – deleted due to redundancy References to SAE J211 were changed to J211-1 throughout the report Section 1 SCOPE – added TABLE OF CONTENTS – added title to APPENDIX A TABLE OF CONTENTS – added APPENDIX B, APPENDIX C, and APPENDIX D Section 2 REFERENCES – added “SAE J211-1 – Instrumentation for Impact Test – Part 1 – Electronic Instrumentation.” Section 2 REFERENCES – added “SAE J2517 – Hybrid III Family Chest Potentiometer Calibration.” Section 2 REFERENCES – added “University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute Report 85-23” Section 1 – Scope – replaced "cervical-1, cervical-7 and lumbar-5" with "C1, C7 and L5" Section 3 – replaced all drawing numbers with part numbers Section 3 – replaced all 1 to 2 G joint friction references with 1 G suspended setting Section 3.1.4 – defined the Neck/Lumbar assembly as identical and removed the second reference to the old lumbar assembly and its associated hardware. Section 3.1.4 – deleted obsolete part number 910420-006 and added part number 921022-051 Section 3.1.4 – deleted obsolete Figure 16 and inserted new Figure 16 and added a new list of parts for the current neck assembly Section 3.2.1 – deleted obsolete part number 910420-006 and added part number 921022-051 Section 3.2.1 – deleted neck cable installation procedure for obsolete neck design and added neck cable installation procedure for the current neck assembly Section 3.5 – deleted “a solution of mild soap and water” from skin maintenance procedure Section 3.6 – Added note to define locations for the upper neck, lower neck, and lumbar spine load cells and their respective load cell part numbers. Section 4 and TABLE OF CONTENTS - changed calibration procedures to certification procedures Section 4.1 – Moved External Dimensions and Mass Measurements to newly created Section 5, INSPECTION PROCEDURES. Created Section 6, and moved Notes and Marginal Indicia to this new section Section 4.1 and 4.2 – changed Channel Class to Channel Frequency Class in multiple locations Section 4.1.3 – changed the Head Drop Unimodal Oscillation spec from 10% to 17% Section 4.2 – deleted obsolete Neck Test (Flexion and Extension) procedures and added new Neck Test (Flexion and Extension) procedures for current neck design including neck test components, test methods, and performance criteria Section 4.2.1 Items 4 and 5 – changed Figure 10 to Figure 16 Section 4.2.1 Items 8 and 12 – changed Figures 15 and 16 to Figures 46 and 47 Section 4.2.2 and 4.2.3 – added table captions to the pendulum impulses and added the tables to the table of contents Section 6 – added Notes and Marginal Indicia TABLE 5 – revised head mass description to state “without upper neck load cell or structural replacement” APPENDIX A – moved drawing list to Appendix D and added Accelerometer Handling Guidelines APPENDIX B – added APPENDIX C – added APPENDIX D – deleted obsolete drawings: B-2897, TE-3200-002, TE-3200-003, TE-207-307, B-2554 and added drawings: TE-3200-100, TE-3200-110, TE-3200-111, TE-3200-120, TE-3200-130, TE-3200-140, TE-3200-152 TE-3200-153, TE-3200-155, TE-3200-160, TE-3200-161, 921022-004, 2554AJ, 6840J

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J2854_201711 2017-11-08 Latest Issued
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