New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled SAE Aerospace Material Specifications

June 2015

New standards status definitions

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AMS03_19 AMSBIssuedElectro-Deposition of Cadmium
AMS03_20 AMSBIssuedElectro-Deposition of Zinc
AMS03_25 AMSBIssuedSulfuric Acid Anodizing of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys
AMS03_27 AMSBIssuedElectro-Deposition of Nickel for Engineering Purposes
AMS03_28PT1 AMSBIssuedPhysical Vapor Deposition of Metals: Physical Vapor Deposition of Aluminum for Protection Against Corrosion
AMS03_28PT2 AMSBIssuedPhysical Vapor Deposition of Metals: Physical Vapor Deposition of Cadmium for Protection Against Corrosion
AMS2300L AMSEReaffirmedSteel Cleanliness, Premium Aircraft-Quality Magnetic Particle Inspection Procedure
AMS2301K AMSEReaffirmedSteel Cleanliness, Aircraft Quality Magnetic Particle Inspection Procedure
AMS2304B AMSEReaffirmedSteel Cleanliness, Special Aircraft-Quality Magnetic Particle Inspection Procedure
AMS2310F AMSEReaffirmedQualification Sampling and Testing of Steels for Transverse Tensile Properties
AMS2641C AMSKRevisedVehicle, Magnetic Particle Inspection Petroleum Base
AMS2770M AMSDRevisedHeat Treatment of Wrought Aluminum Alloy Parts
AMS3376C AMSG9RevisedSealing Compound, Non-Curing, Fluorosilicone Groove Injection Temperature and Fuel Resistant
AMS3529B AMSPStabilizedPlastic Sheet and Film, Vinyl Copolymers Unplasticized
AMS3647D AMSPStabilizedPolyfluoroethylene Propylene Film and Sheet
AMS3652D AMSPStabilizedPolytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Film Non-Critical Grade
AMS3661D AMSPStabilizedPolytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Film Premium Grade
AMS3662D AMSPStabilizedPolytetrafluoroethylene Film General Purpose Grade
AMS3676D AMSPStabilizedInsulation, Sound and Thermal Resin-Bonded Glass Fiber, Medium Filament
AMS3679C AMSPStabilizedInsulation, Thermal, Ceramic Fiber
AMS3680D AMSPStabilizedInsulation, Thermal Silica Fiber
AMS3732B AMSPStabilizedPotting Compound, Epoxy One Part, Filled, Heat Cure, Low CTE
AMS3733C AMSPStabilizedPotting Compound, Epoxy, Two Part, Highly Filled, Heat Cure, High Compressive Strength
AMS4086N AMSDReaffirmedAluminum Alloy, Drawn, Round, Seamless Hydraulic Tubing, 4.4Cu - 1.5Mg - 0.6Mn (2024-T3), Solution Heat Treated, Cold Worked and Naturally Aged
AMS4087H AMSDReaffirmedAluminum Alloy Tubing, Seamless, Drawn, (2024-0), Reinstate Composition Annealed
AMS4088K AMSDReaffirmedAluminum Alloy, Drawn, Seamless Tubing 4.4Cu - 1.5Mg - 0.60Mn (2024-T3) Solution Heat Treated and Cold Worked
AMS4156K AMSDReaffirmedAluminum Alloy, Extrusions 0.68Mg - 0.40Si (6063-T6) Solution and Precipitation Heat Treated
AMS4259B AMSDStabilizedAluminum Alloy, Sheet 2.4Li - 1.3Cu - 0.95Mg - 0.10Zr (8090-T6) Solution and Precipitation Heat Treated (Unrecrystallized)
AMS4415A AMSDReaffirmedAluminum Alloy Extrusions, 8.9Zn - 2.2Cu - 2.2Mg - 0.15Zr (7136-T76511, -T76510) Solution Heat Treated, Stress-Relieved, Straightened, and Overaged
AMS4943K AMSGRevisedTitanium Alloy, Hydraulic, Seamless Tubing 3.0Al - 2.5V Annealed
AMS5121K AMSEReaffirmedSheet and Strip, Steel (0.90 - 1.04C) (SAE 1095) Annealed (Composition similar to UNS G10950)
AMS5397E AMSFRevisedAlloy Castings, Investment, Corrosion and Heat-Resistant 50Ni - 9.5Cr - 15Co - 3.0Mo - 4.8Ti - 5.5Al - 0.015B - 0.95V - 0.06Zr Vacuum Melted, Vacuum Cast As Cast
AMS5503F AMSFRevisedSteel, Corrosion-Resistant, Sheet, Strip, and Plate, 17Cr (SAE 51430) Annealed
AMS5513J AMSFReaffirmedSteel, Corrosion-Resistant, Sheet, Strip, and Plate, 19Cr - 9.2Ni (SAE 30304), Solution Heat Treated
AMS5520G AMSFReaffirmedSteel, Corrosion and Heat-Resistant, Sheet, Strip, Foil, and Plate 15Cr - 7.1Ni - 2.5Mo - 1.1AI Solution Heat Treated, Precipitation Hardenable
AMS5599G AMSFReaffirmedNickel Alloy, Corrosion and Heat-Resistant, Sheet, Strip, and Plate 62Ni - 21.5Cr - 9.0Mo - 3.7 Cb (Nb) Solution Heat Treated
AMS5628F AMSFReaffirmedSteel, Corrosion-Resistant, Bars, Wire, Forgings, and Tubing 16Cr - 2.5Ni (SAE 51431)
AMS5901C AMSFReaffirmedSteel, Corrosion-Resistant, Sheet, Strip, and Plate 18Cr - 8Ni (SAE 30301) Solution Heat Treated
AMS6281J AMSEReaffirmedSteel, Mechanical Tubing 0.50Cr - 0.55Ni - 0.20Mo (0.28 - 0.33C) (SAE 8630) (Composition similar to UNS G86300)
AMS6282J AMSEReaffirmedSteel Tubing, Mechanical 0.50Cr - 0.55Ni - 0.25Mo (0.33 - 0.38C) (SAE 8735)
AMSQQA200/8A AMSDStabilizedAluminum Alloy 6061, Bar, Rod, Shapes, Tube, and Wire, Extruded