New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled SAE Aerospace Material Specifications

September 2017

New standards status definitions

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AMS2451/6B AMSBRevisedPlating, Brush Copper General Purpose
AMS2690D AMSBStabilizedParallel Gap Welding, Microelectronic Interconnections to Thin Film Substrates
AMS3079C AMSBStabilizedCompound, Corrosion-Preventive, Soft Film, Hot Application
AMS4163F AMSDRevisedAluminum Alloy, Extrusions 6.3Cu - 0.30Mn - 0.18Zr - 0.10V - 0.06Ti (2219-T3511) Solution Heat Treated, Stress-Relieved by Stretching, and Straightened
AMS4251B AMSDRevisedAluminum Alloy Sheet, 2.7Cu - 2.2Li - 0.12Zr (2090-T83), Solution Heat Treated, Cold Worked, and Precipitation Heat Treated
AMS4466A AMSDRevisedAluminum Alloy, Sheet and Plate, Alclad, 4.4Cu - 1.5Mg - 0.60Mn (Alclad 2024, -T361 Sheet & Plate), Solution Heat Treated, 6% Cold Worked and Naturally Aged
AMS4892D AMSFRevisedAlloy Castings, Corrosion and Heat-Resistant, 66Ni - 29Cu - 4.0Si, As Cast
AMS4935L AMSGRevisedTitanium Alloy Extrusions and Flash Welded Rings 6Al - 4V Annealed Beta Processed
AMS4971L AMSGRevisedTitanium Alloy, Bars, Wire, Forgings, and Rings 6Al - 6V - 2Sn Annealed, Heat Treatable
AMS4981H AMSGRevisedTitanium Alloy Bars, Wire, and Forgings, 6.0Al - 2.0Sn - 4.0Zr - 6.0Mo, Solution and Precipitation Heat Treated
AMS5333G AMSERevisedSteel, Investment Castings, 0.50Cr - 0.55Ni - 0.25Mo (0.11 - 0.17C) (SAE 8615), Normalized
AMS5336J AMSERevisedSteel, Investment Castings, 0.95Cr - 0.20Mo (0.25 - 0.35C) (4130 Mod), Normalized or Normalized and Tempered
AMS5337E AMSERevisedSteel, Maraging, Investment Castings 18.5Ni - 9.0Co - 5.0Mo - 0.70Ti - 0.12Al Vacuum Melted Homogenized, Overaged, and Solution Heat Treated
AMS5338H AMSERevisedSteel, Investment Castings 0.95Cr - 0.20Mo (0.35 - 0.45C) (4140 Mod) Normalized or Normalized and Tempered
AMS6407K AMSERevisedSteel, Bars, Forgings, and Tubing, 1.2Cr - 2.0Ni - 0.45Mo (0.27 - 0.33C)