New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled SAE Aerospace Material Specifications

August 2013

New standards status definitions

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AMS2440B AMSBReaffirmedInspection of Ground, Chromium Plated Steel Parts
AMS2470N AMSBRevisedAnodic Treatment of Aluminum Alloys, Chromic Acid Process
AMS2525D AMSBRevisedGraphite Coating, Thin Lubricating Film, Impingement Applied
AMS2585A AMSBRevisedShot Peening Media, Ultrasonically Activated
AMS2628A AMSKRevisedUltrasonic Immersion Inspection, Titanium and Titanium Alloy Billet, Premium Grade
AMS2762B AMSBReaffirmedCarburizing, Carbon and Low-Alloy Steel Parts
AMS3110K AMSG8StabilizedPrimer, Zinc Chromate
AMS3122G AMSG8StabilizedEnamel, Phenolic, Black Baking
AMS3126D AMSG8StabilizedAluminum Coating Material, Corrosion and Heat Resistant, Thermosetting, Inorganic Binder
AMS3130H AMSG8StabilizedPaint, Vehicle, Glyceryl Phthalate
AMS3135G AMSG8StabilizedCoating Material, Silicone Resin 482 °F (250 °C)
AMS3140B AMSG8StabilizedCoating, Urethane, Aliphatic Isocyanate, Polytetrafluoroethylene Filled
AMS3145D AMSG8StabilizedPaint, Marking Epoxy
AMS3217/5C AMSCERevisedTest Slabs, Fluorosilicone (FVMQ), 55 - 65
AMS3346G AMSCERevisedSilicone Rubber, 1000 Psi (6.89 Mpa) Minimum Tensile Strength, 55-65 Durometer
AMS3414E AMSBReaffirmedFlux, Aluminum Welding
AMS3711E AMSP17ReaffirmedCore, Honeycomb, Fibrous, Aramid Base, Phenolic Coated
AMS3712C AMSP17ReaffirmedCore, Honeycomb, Glass/Polyimide
AMS3713D AMSP17ReaffirmedCore, Flexible Honeycomb, Polyamide Paper Base, Phenolic Coated
AMS3714D AMSP17ReaffirmedCore, Overexpanded Honeycomb, Polyamide Paper Base, Phenolic Coated
AMS3715D AMSP17ReaffirmedCore, Honeycomb, Glass/Phenolic
AMS3716C AMSP17ReaffirmedCore, Honeycomb, Glass/Phenolic, Bias Weave Fiber Construction
AMS3799/2C AMSPRevisedWebbing, Tubular, Low Modulus Aramid, 3/4 (19) Wide, 2300 (10 231) Breaking Strength
AMS3799/3C AMSPRevisedWebbing, Tubular, Low Modulus Aramid 1 (25) Wide, 4000 (17,793) Breaking Strength
AMS3799/4C AMSPRevisedWebbing, Tubular, Low Modulus Aramid, 3-3/16 (81) Wide, 2250 (10 008) Breaking Strength
AMS3824C AMSP17ReaffirmedCloth, Glass, Finished for Resin Laminates
AMS3846D AMSP17ReaffirmedCloth, Quartz, Finished for Resin Laminates
AMS3865C AMSP17ReaffirmedFilaments, Boron Tungsten Substrate, Continuous
AMS3902E AMSP17ReaffirmedCloth, Organic Fiber (Para-Aramid), High Modulus for Structural Composites
AMS3903A AMSP17ReaffirmedCloth, Organic Fiber (Para-Aramid), High Modulus Epoxy Resin Impregnated
AMS4271A AMSDStabilizedAluminum Alloy, Sheet and Plate, 4.4Cu - 1.5Mg - 0.60Mn (2024-T861), Solution Heat Treated and Cold Worked, and Artificially Aged
AMS4478 AMSDIssuedAluminum Alloy, Sheet and Plate, Alclad, 4.4Cu - 1.5Mg - 0.60Mn (Alclad 2024, -T81 Sheet, -T851 Plate), Solution Heat Treated, Cold Worked and Artificially Aged
AMS5565L AMSFRevisedSteel, Corrosion Resistant, Welded Tubing, 19Cr - 9.5Ni (304), Solution Heat Treated
AMS5627G AMSFReaffirmedSteel, Corrosion and Heat-Resistant, Bars, Wire, Forgings, Tubing, and Rings, 17Cr (SAE 51430), Annealed
AMS5643S AMSFRevisedSteel, Corrosion-Resistant, Bars, Wire, Forgings, Tubing, and Rings 16Cr - 4.0Ni - 0.30Cb - 4.0Cu Solution Heat Treated, Precipitation Hardenable
AMS5862K AMSFRevisedSteel, Corrosion-Resistant, Sheet, Strip, and Plate, 15Cr - 4.5Ni - 0.30Cb (Nb) - 3.5Cu, Consumable Electrode Remelted, Solution Heat Treated, Precipitation-Hardenable
AMS5966B AMSFRevisedNickel Alloy, Corrosion and Heat Resistant, Welding Wire, 50Ni - 20Cr - 20Co - 5.9Mo - 2.2Ti - 0.45AI, Consumable Electrode or Vacuum Induction Melted
AMS6558 AMSEIssuedSteel, Bars, Wire, and Forgings, 10.5 Mo - 6 W - 3.75 Cr - 2 V (1.25 - 1.40 C), Powder Metallurgy Product, Hot Isostatically Pressed
AMS6559 AMSEIssuedSteel, Bars, Wire, and Forgings, 9.75 V - 5.25 Cr - 1.3 Mo (2.40 - 2.55C), Powder Metallurgy Product, Hot Isostatically Pressed
AMS7290H AMSG8StabilizedDecalcomanias
AMS7881A AMSBReaffirmedTungsten Carbide-Cobalt Powder, Agglomerated and Sintered
AMSA25463 AMSP17ReaffirmedAdhesive, Film Form, Metallic Structural Sandwich Construction
AMSC8073 AMSP17ReaffirmedCore Material, Plastic Honeycomb, Laminated Glass Fabric Base, for Aircraft Structural and Electronic Applications
AMSC9084 AMSP17ReaffirmedCloth, Glass, Finished, for Resin Laminates
AMSP38336A AMSG8StabilizedPrimer Coating, Inorganic, Zinc Dust Pigmented, Self-Curing, for Steel Surfaces
AMSQQA200/15B AMSDStabilizedAluminum Alloy Bar, Rod, and Shapes, Extruded, 7075-T76, Improved Exfoliation Resistance
AMSS7720B AMSFStabilizedSteel, Corrosion-Resistant (18-8) Bars, Wire and Forging Stock (Aircraft Quality)
AMST6845B AMSFStabilizedTubing, Steel, Corrosion-Resistant (S30400), Aerospace Vehicle Hydraulic System 1/8 Hard Condition