New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled SAE Aerospace Material Specifications

March 2017

New standards status definitions

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AMS03_040A AMSBStabilizedElectrodeposition of Zinc-Nickel Alloys
AMS03_1A AMSBStabilizedImpregnation of Porous Castings & Sintered Metal Components
AMS03_2A AMSBStabilizedCleaning and Preparation of Metal Surfaces
AMS03_3A AMSBStabilizedProtection of Aluminum Alloys by Sprayed Metal Coatings
AMS03_4A AMSBStabilizedThe Pre-Treatment and Protection of Steel Items of Specified Maximum Tensile Strength Exceeding 1450 MPa
AMS1428J G12ADFRevisedFluid, Aircraft Deicing/Anti-Icing, Non-Newtonian (Pseudoplastic), SAE Types II, III, and IV
AMS2368D AMSGRevisedSampling and Testing of Wrought Titanium Raw Material Except Forgings and Forging Stock
AMS2418J AMSBRevisedPlating, Copper
AMS2451/4C AMSBRevisedPlating, Brush, Cadmium Corrosion Protective, Low Hydrogen Embrittlement
AMS2808E AMSBStabilizedIdentification Forgings
AMS3023B AMSCERevisedFluid, Reference for Testing Polyol Ester (And Diester) Resistant Material
AMS3025D AMSDRevisedPolyalkylene Glycol Heat Treat Quenchant
AMS3197M AMSCERevisedSponge, Chloroprene (CR) Rubber, Soft
AMS3240K AMSCEReaffirmedChloroprene (CR) Rubber Weather Resistant 35 - 45
AMS3241J AMSCEReaffirmedChloroprene (CR) Rubber Weather Resistant 55 - 65
AMS3582B AE8DStabilizedPlastic Tubing, Electrical Insulation Crosslinked Polyvinyl Chloride, Flexible Heat Shrinkable 2 to 1 Shrink Ratio
AMS3593B AE8DStabilizedTubing, Plastic, Electrical Insulation Irradiated Polyvinylidene Fluoride, Semi-Rigid, Heat-Shrinkable Marker Sleeving Grade Low Outgassing
AMS4079H AMSDRevisedAluminum Alloy, Drawn, Round, Seamless, Tubing 1.0Mg - 0.60Si - 0.28Cu - 0.20Cr (6061-O) Close Tolerance, Annealed
AMS4261G AMSDRevisedAluminum Alloy Castings, Investment, 7.0Si - 0.32Mg (356.0-T51), Precipitation Heat Treated
AMS4284K AMSDRevisedAluminum Alloy Castings, Permanent Mold 7.0Si - 0.30Mg (356.0-T6) Solution and Precipitation Heat Treated
AMS4473A AMSDRevisedAluminum Alloy Plate (2624-T39) 4.1Cu – 1.4Mg - 0.6Mn Solution Heat Treated, Cold Worked and Naturally Aged
AMS4782G AMSFRevisedNickel Alloy, Brazing Filler Metal 71Ni - 10Si - 19Cr 1975 °F (1080 °C) Solidus, 2075 °F (1135 °C) Liquidus
AMS4933F AMSGRevisedTitanium Alloy Extrusions and Flash Welded Rings 8Al - 1Mo - 1V Solution Heat Treated and Stabilized
AMS4939C AMSGRevisedTitanium Alloy Sheet, Strip, and Plate 3Al - 8V - 6Cr - 4Mo - 4Zr Solution Heat Treated
AMS4959G AMSGStabilizedTitanium Alloy Wire 13.5V - 11Cr - 3Al Spring Temper
AMS5085J AMSERevisedSteel Sheet, Strip, and Plate, 0.48 - 0.55C (SAE 1050)
AMS5339G AMSERevisedSteel, Maraging, Investment Castings, 17Ni - 10Co - 4.6Mo - 0.30Ti - 0.06Al, Vacuum Melted, Homogenized, Overaged, and Solution Heat Treated
AMS5824F AMSFRevisedSteel, Corrosion-Resistant, Welding Wire, 17Cr - 7.1Ni - 1.0Al
AMS5916B AMSFRevisedAlloy, Corrosion and Heat-Resistant, Sheet, Strip, and Plate 35Fe - 24Cr - 37Ni - 0.65Cb(Nb) - 0.2N Annealed
AMS6509A AMSERevisedSteel Bars and Forgings 3.5Cr – 7.5Ni – 16.3Co – 1.75Mo – 0.2W – (0.09 - 0.13C) Double Vacuum Melted, Normalized, Annealed