New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

September 2016

New standards status definitions

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J1121_201608 TEMStabilizedHelical Compression and Extension Spring Terminology
J1122_201608 TEMStabilizedHelical Springs: Specification Check Lists
J1163_201608 TECHFS4StabilizedDetermining Seat Index Point
J1231_201608 TEMSFCCS2RevisedFormed Tube Ends for Hose Connections and Hose Fittings
J1324_201608 TEMAMSCanceledAcoustical and Thermal Materials Test Procedure
J1615_201608 TETCBS8ReaffirmedThread Sealants
J1797_201608 TEVVBC5StabilizedRecommended Practice for Packaging of Electric Vehicle Battery Modules
J185_201608 TECHFS1StabilizedAccess Systems for Off-Road Machines
J2009_201608 TEVLCS4RevisedDischarge Forward Lighting System and Subsystems
J2413_201608 TEMNMPPLS3StabilizedProtocol to Verify Performance of New Xenon Arc Test Apparatus
J2450_201608 TEVDStabilizedTranslation Quality Metric
J2517_201608 TEVSSTS7AWReaffirmedHybrid III Family Chest Potentiometer Calibration Procedure
J2682_201608 TEMSFCCS1IssuedConnections for General Use and Fluid Power - Test Methods-Threadless Connections
J268_201608 TERMCReaffirmedRear View Mirrors - Motorcycles
J284_201608 TECHFS2RevisedSafety Alert Symbol for Agricultural, Construction, and Industrial Equipment
J2869_201608 TEMGVRReaffirmedMechanical Systems Physics-of-Failure Analysis Experimental Validation
J2914_201608 TEVES3RevisedExhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Cooler Nomenclature and Application
J2917_201608 TETCOES3RevisedOccupant Restraint and Equipment Mounting Integrity – Frontal Impact Ambulance Patient Compartment
J2956_201608 TETCOES3RevisedOccupant Restraint and Equipment Mounting Integrity – Side Impact Ambulance Patient Compartment
J3044_201608 TETCOES3RevisedOccupant Restraint and Equipment Mounting Integrity - Rear Impact Ambulance Patient Compartment
J45_201608 TERSCRevisedBrake System Test Procedure - Snowmobiles
J773_201608 TEMFFStabilizedConical Spring Washers