New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

January 2015

New standards status definitions

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J1521_201412 TETCOES2ReaffirmedTruck Driver Shin-Knee Position for Clutch and Accelerator
J1522_201412 TETCOES2ReaffirmedTruck Driver Stomach Position
J1603_201412 TEVHBASS5StabilizedRubber Seals for Hydraulic Disc Brake Cylinders
J1948_201412 TETCOES3RevisedCab Sleeper Occupant Restraint System Test
J2087_201412 TEVLCS5RevisedDaytime Running Light
J2139_201412 TEVLCS10RevisedTests for Signal and Marking Devices Used on Vehicles 2032 mm or More in Overall Width
J2685_201412 TETES2StabilizedPositive Temperature Coefficient Overcurrent Protection Devices (PTCs)
J2889/1_201412 TEITSSHFRevisedMeasurement of Minimum Noise Emitted by Road Vehicles
J2912_201412 TEVBES2DRevisedPerformance Requirements for R-134a and R-1234yf Refrigerant Diagnostic Identifiers (RDI) for Use with Mobile Air Conditioning Systems
J2931/1_201412 TEVHYBRevisedDigital Communications for Plug-in Electric Vehicles
J3005_201412 TEVDIssuedPermanently or Semi-Permanently Installed Diagnostic Communication Devices
J3050_201412 TETDFLDC7IssuedBiodiesel in Automotive Application; Lessons Learned