New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

September 2014

New standards status definitions

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J109_201408 TERMCStabilizedService Brake System Performance Requirements--Motorcycles and Motor-Driven Cycles
J1222_201408 TERSCRevisedSpeed Control Assurance for Snowmobiles
J1447_201408 TECCTTS1CanceledFire-Resistant Fluid Usage in Hydraulic Systems of Off-Road Work Machines
J1703_201408 TEVHBASS1RevisedMotor Vehicle Brake Fluid
J1704_201408 TEVHBASS1RevisedMotor Vehicle Brake Fluid Based Upon Glycols, Glycol Ethers and the Corresponding Borates
J1789_201408 TECOPTCS2ReaffirmedSelf-Propelled Sweepers and Scrubbers Braking Performance
J184_201408 TEVSLS10StabilizedQualifying A Sound Data Acquisition System
J1939DA_201408 TETES7RevisedJ1939 Digital Annex
J1979_201408 TEVDRevisedE/E Diagnostic Test Modes
J2031_201408 TEVEES7ReaffirmedHigh Tension Ignition Cable
J2032_201408 TEVEES7ReaffirmedIgnition Cable Assemblies
J2221_201408 TETES2RevisedStandardized Symbols for Electrical Circuit Diagrams
J2556_201408 TEVEES17StabilizedRadiated Emissions (RE) Narrowband Data Analysis - Power Spectral Density (PSD)
J2578_201408 TEVFCRevisedRecommended Practice for General Fuel Cell Vehicle Safety
J2795_201408 TEVES7RevisedPower Cylinder Oil Consumption: Problem Solving
J2797_201408 TEVES7RevisedPower Cylinder Blow-By: Blow-By Mechanisms
J2798_201408 TEVES7RevisedPower Cylinder Blow-by: Problem Solving
J2867_201408 TEVES3IssuedLaboratory Testing of Light Duty Vehicle Electric Cooling Fan Assemblies for Airflow Performance
J3024_201408 TETC5IssuedProduct Safety Signs for Ready Mixed Concrete Trucks
J3026_201408 TETCOES3IssuedAmbulance Patient Compartment Seating Integrity and Occupant Restraint
J3067_201408 TEVDSRCIssuedCandidate Improvements to Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Message Set Dictionary [SAE J2735] Using Systems Engineering Methods
J914_201408 TEVLCS5RevisedSide Turn Signal Lamps for Vehicles Less than 12 m in Length