New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

November 2015

New standards status definitions

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J1149_201510 TETCBS8StabilizedMetallic Air Brake System Tubing and Pipe
J1319_201510 TEVLCS5RevisedRear Fog Lamp Systems
J1373_201510 TEVLCS5StabilizedRear Cornering Lamps for Use on Motor Vehicles Less than 9.1 m in Overall Length
J1624_201510 TETCOES3StabilizedFuel Crossover Line
J1754/2_201510 TEMSFCCS2RevisedHose Assemblies, Rubber, Hydraulic, Steel Wire Reinforced - Part 2: Ordering Information
J1754/3_201510 TEMSFCCS2RevisedHose Assemblies, Hydraulic, J517 100R Series Hose - Part 3: Procurement and Ordering Information
J1810_201510 TECCTTS2StabilizedElectrical Indicating System Specification
J1850_201510 TEVEES12RevisedClass B Data Communications Network Interface
J1939/16_201510 TETES7IssuedAutomatic Baud Rate Detection Process
J1939DA_201510 TETES7RevisedJ1939 Digital Annex
J2174_201510 TETES2RevisedHeavy-Duty Wiring Systems for Trailers 2032 mm or More in Width
J2188_201510 TETCHRevisedCommercial Truck and Bus SAE Recommended Procedure for Vehicle Performance Prediction and Charting
J2534/1_201510 TEVDRevisedRecommended Practice for Pass-Thru Vehicle Programming
J2600_201510 TEVFCRevisedCompressed Hydrogen Surface Vehicle Fueling Connection Devices
J3029_201510 TETCASIssuedForward Collision Warning and Mitigation Vehicle Test Procedure - Truck and Bus
J3047_201510 TEVHSEATIssuedRecommendation for Acceptable Operating Parameters of Heated Automobile Seats in Order to Mitigate Occupant Injury
J3076_201510 TEVEES12IssuedClock Extension Peripheral Interface (CXPI)
J3078/6_201510 TECHFS6IssuedOff-Road Self-Propelled Work Machines Operator Enclosure Environment Part 6: Determination of Effect of Solar Heating
J583_201510 TEVLCS4RevisedFront Fog Lamp
J703_201510 TETCOES3StabilizedFuel Systems - Truck and Truck Tractors
J876_201510 TETCHS3RevisedWide Base Disc Wheels and Demountable Rims