New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

November 2014

New standards status definitions

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J1535_201410 TECHFS6RevisedPerformance Test for Windshield Defrosting Systems for Off-Road, Self-Propelled Work Machines
J1545_201410 TEMNMPPLS3ReaffirmedInstrumental Color Difference Measurement for Exterior Finishes, Textiles and Colored Trim
J1578_201410 TERMCStabilizedMotorcycle Side Stand Retraction Test Procedure
J1579_201410 TERMCStabilizedMotorcycle Side Stand Retraction Performance Requirements
J1609_201410 TETCBS5ReaffirmedAir Reservoir Capacity Performance Guide - Trucks and Buses
J1715_201410 TEVHYBRevisedHybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) and Electric Vehicle (EV) Terminology
J1801_201410 TETCBS1ReaffirmedBrake Effectiveness Marking for Brake Blocks--Truck and Bus
J1802_201410 TETCBS1ReaffirmedBrake Block Effectiveness Rating
J1846_201410 TERMCStabilizedCharacterizing a Test Surface for Motorcycle Side Stand Retraction Performance Testing
J2417_201410 TECMTCS4RevisedLift Capacity Calculation Method Knuckle-Boom Log Loaders and Certain Forestry Equipment
J2558_201410 TEMCARSReaffirmedClassification System for Thermoplastic Elastomers
J2572_201410 TEVFCRevisedRecommended Practice for Measuring Fuel Consumption and Range of Fuel Cell and Hybrid Fuel Cell Vehicles Fuelled by Compressed Gaseous Hydrogen
J2902_201410 TETCBS2IssuedAir Disc Brake Actuator Test Procedure, Truck-Tractor, Bus and Trailer
J2931/4_201410 TEVHYBRevisedBroadband PLC Communication for Plug-in Electric Vehicles
J3006_201410 TETCBS7IssuedLow-duty Inertia Dynamometer Hydraulic Brake Wear Test Procedures for Vehicles Above 4536 kg (10 000 lb) of GVWR
J3021_201410 TEVVBC14IssuedRecommended Practice for Determining Material Properties of Li-Battery Cathode Active Materials
J383_201410 TEVBES11RevisedMotor Vehicle Seat Belt Anchorages - Design Recommendations
J384_201410 TEVBES11RevisedMotor Vehicle Seat Belt Anchorages - Test Procedure
J67_201410 TECMTCS5StabilizedShovel Dipper, Clam Bucket, and Dragline Bucket Rating
J748_201410 TECCTTS1RevisedHydraulic Directional Control Valves, 3000 PSI Maximum