New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

July 2014

New standards status definitions

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J1071_201406 TECHFS1CanceledOperator Controls for Graders
J1323_201406 TEMNMPPLS3ReaffirmedStandard Classification System for Fiberboards
J1475_201406 TEMSFCCS2StabilizedHydraulic Hose Fitting for Marine Applications
J1532_201406 TEMHOSEReaffirmedTransmission Oil Cooler Hose
J1773_201406 TEVHYBStabilizedSAE Electric Vehicle Inductively Coupled Charging
J1828_201406 TEMR3RevisedUniform Reference and Dimensional Guidelines for Collision Repair
J1853_201406 TERTHReaffirmedHand Winches--Boat Trailer Type
J1892_201406 TEVEMCanceledRecommended Practice for Bar-Coded Vehicle Emission Configuration Label
J1927_201406 TEMSFCCS2StabilizedCumulative Damage Analysis for Hydraulic Hose Assemblies
J1942_201406 TEMSFCCS2ReaffirmedHose and Hose Assemblies for Marine Applications
J1979DA_201406 TEVDRevisedJ1979-DA, Digital Annex of E/E Diagnostic Test Modes
J211/2_201406 TEVSSTS4ReaffirmedInstrumentation for Impact Test--Part 2: Photographic Instrumentation
J2140_201406 TEMHOSEReaffirmedGeneral Requirement for Preformed Hoses for Air Induction on Heavy-Duty Engines
J2337/1_201406 TEMSFCCS1StabilizedConnections for Fluid Power and High Pressure Use--Ports, Stud Ends, and Plugs with ISO 261 Threads and O-Ring Sealing--Part 1: Ports with Recessed Conical Seat Requirements, Dimensions, Design, and Test Methods
J2545_201406 TEMSFCCS2ReaffirmedTest Procedures for Non-SAE Hydraulic Hoses
J2552_201406 TEMSFCCS2StabilizedPush-On Hose and Mating Hose Fittings
J2673_201406 TETCTV3RevisedStraight-Line Braking Test for Truck and Bus Tires
J2880_201406 TEVGRRevisedRecommended Green Racing Protocols
J2884_201406 TEMCARSRevisedThermoset Elastomer Specification System
J3044_201406 TETCOES3IssuedOccupant Restraint and Equipment Mounting Integrity – Rear Impact System-Level Ambulance Patient Compartment
J322_201406 TEMNMPPLS3ReaffirmedNonmetallic Trim Materials--Test Method for Determining the Staining Resistance to Hydrogen Sulfide Gas
J403_201406 TEMMTC1RevisedChemical Compositions of SAE Carbon Steels
J499_201406 TEMStabilizedParallel Side Splines for Soft Broached Holes in Fittings
J501_201406 TEMStabilizedShaft Ends
J585_201406 TEVLCS5RevisedTail Lamps (Rear Position Lamps) for Use on Motor Vehicles Less than 2032 mm in Overall Width
J671_201406 TEMAMSStabilizedVibration Damping Materials and Underbody Coatings
J990_201406 TECOPTCS1ReaffirmedNomenclature--Industrial and Agricultural Mowers