New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

February 2015

New standards status definitions

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J1212_201501 TECMTCS4ReaffirmedFire Prevention on Forestry Machinery
J1647_201501 TEVLCS2RevisedPlastic Materials and Coatings for Use In or On Optical Parts Such as Lenses and Reflectors of High-Intensity Discharge Forward Lighting Devices Used in Motor Vehicles
J1658_201501 TEVCO2CanceledAlternate Refrigerant Consistency Criteria for Use in Mobile Air-Conditioning Systems
J1791_201501 TECMTCS2RevisedSelf-Propelled Sweepers and Scrubbers Dual Position Driving Controls and Displays
J185_201501 TECHFS1RevisedAccess Systems for Off-Road Machines
J2610_201501 TEVDRevisedSerial Data Communication Interface
J2990/2_201501 TEVHYBIssuedHybrid and Electric Vehicle Safety Systems Information Report
J300_201501 TETDFLDC1RevisedEngine Oil Viscosity Classification
J3054_201501 TEVDIssuedTP1.6 Vehicle DIAGNOSTIC Protocol
J411_201501 TEMMTC1RevisedCarbon and Alloy Steels
J551/1_201501 TEVEES17RevisedPerformance Levels and Methods of Measurement of Electromagnetic Compatibility of Vehicles, Boats (up to 15 m), and Machines (16.6 Hz to 18 GHz)