New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

April 2015

New standards status definitions

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J1254_201503 TECMTCS4StabilizedComponent Nomenclature - Feller Buncher
J1333_201503 TECCTTS1RevisedHydraulic Cylinder Rod Corrosion Test
J1819_201503 TEVBES5ReaffirmedSecuring Child Restraint Systems in Motor Vehicles
J1829_201503 TETDFLDC7RevisedStoichiometric Air-Fuel Ratios of Automotive Fuels
J1889_201503 TEVLCS5RevisedL.E.D. Signal and Marking Lighting Devices
J1965_201503 TETCHS3RevisedRoad Vehicles - Wheels for Commercial Vehicles and Multipurpose Passenger Vehicles - Fixing Nuts - Test Methods
J20_201503 TEMHOSEReaffirmedCoolant System Hoses
J2129_201503 TECCReaffirmedGuidelines for Requests Received from Outside Sources for the CONAG Council to Originate or Review Technical Reports
J2130/1_201503 TECMTCS2RevisedIdentification of Self-Propelled Sweepers and Cleaning Equipment Part 1 - Machines with a Gross Vehicle Mass Greater than 5000 kg
J2130/2_201503 TECMTCS2RevisedIdentification of Self-Propelled Sweepers and Cleaning Equipment Part 2 - Machines with a Gross Vehicle Mass Up to 5000 kg
J2192_201503 TEVEES2DRevisedRecommended Testing Methods for Physical Protection of Wiring Harnesses
J2311_201503 TEVTDTS3RevisedAutomatic Transmission Hydraulic Pump Test Procedure
J2432_201503 TEVTDTS15RevisedPerformance Testing of PK Section V-Ribbed Belts
J2633_201503 TEVWCReaffirmedWheel and Wheel Trim Weathering Testing for Paint Coatings
J2634_201503 TEVWCReaffirmedScribing of Coatings in Preparation for Testing of Wheels and Wheel Trim
J2635_201503 TEVWCReaffirmedFiliform Corrosion Test Procedure for Painted Aluminum Wheels and Painted Aluminum Wheel Trim
J2636_201503 TEVWCReaffirmedCorrosion Test Master Establishment
J2894/2_201503 TEVHYBIssuedPower Quality Test Procedures for Plug-In Electric Vehicle Chargers
J2949_201503 TEVSSTS7AWIssuedH-III50M Ankle Update to Eliminate Signal Noise
J2970_201503 TEVBES2DRevisedMinimum Performance Requirements for Non-Refrigerant Tracer Gasses and Electronic Tracer Gas Leak Detectors
J3018_201503 TEVAVSIssuedGuidelines for Safe On-Road Testing of SAE Level 3, 4, and 5 Prototype Automated Driving Systems (ADS)
J374_201503 TEVSSTS1StabilizedVehicle Roof Strength Test Procedure
J397_201503 TECOPTCS4StabilizedDeflection Limiting Volume - Protective Structures Laboratory Evaluation
J549_201503 TEVEES7RevisedPreignition Rating of Spark Plugs
J972_201503 TEVSSTS1StabilizedMoving Rigid Barrier Collision Tests