New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

May 2015

New standards status definitions

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J1037_201504 TEMHOSEStabilizedWindshield Washer Tubing
J1058_201504 TEMMTC32ReaffirmedStandard Sheet Steel Thickness and Tolerances
J1174_201504 TERSEPERevisedOperator Ear Sound Level Measurement Procedure for Small Engine Powered Equipment
J126_201504 TEMMTC32ReaffirmedSelecting and Specifying Hot and Cold Rolled Steel Sheet and Strip
J1339_201504 TEVES3RevisedTest Method for Measuring Performance of Engine Cooling Fans
J1453/2_201504 TEMSFCCS1RevisedSpecification for O-Ring Face Seal Connectors: Part 2 - Requirements, Dimensions, and Tests for Steel Unions, Bulkheads, Swivels, Braze Sleeves, Braze-on Tube Ends, Caps, and Connectors with ISO 6149-2 Metric Stud Ends and ISO 6162 4-Bolt Flange Heads
J1538_201504 TEVBES8RevisedGlossary of Automotive Inflatable Restraint Systems
J1562_201504 TEMMTC32ReaffirmedSelection of Zinc and Zinc-Alloy (Hot-Dipped and Electrodeposited) Coated Steel Sheet
J1638_201504 TEMHOSEStabilizedCompression Set of Hoses or Solid Discs
J1759_201504 TEMHOSEStabilizedSAE Hose Measurement Study
J1939/21_201504 TETES7RevisedData Link Layer
J1939DA_201504 TETES7RevisedJ1939 Digital Annex
J2329_201504 TEMMTC32ReaffirmedCategorization and Properties of Low-Carbon Automotive Sheet Steels
J2392_201504 TEMMTC32ReaffirmedCategorization and Properties of SAE Cold Rolled Strip Steels
J2455_201504 TETCHStabilizedDrivetrain Systems Vibration Analysis Data Requirements
J2575_201504 TEMMTC32ReaffirmedStandardized Dent Resistance Test Procedure
J2605_201504 TEMHOSEStabilizedNon-Contact Hose Measurement Study 1
J2735_201504 TEVDSRCRevisedDedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Message Set DictionaryTM
J2745_201504 TEMMTC32ReaffirmedCategorization and Properties of Advanced High Strength Automotive Sheet Steels
J2847/2_201504 TEVHYBRevisedCommunication Between Plug-In Vehicles and Off-Board DC Chargers
J2883_201504 TEMAMSIssuedLaboratory Measurement of Random Incidence Sound Absorption Tests Using a Small Reverberation Room
J2974_201504 TEVVBC10IssuedTechnical Information Report on Automotive Battery Recycling
J2992_201504 TEVEMIssuedFTIR Gas Analyzer Performance Evaluation / Qualification for Automotive Testing
J3081_201504 TETCBS4IssuedHeavy Vehicle Controls Prioritization and Conflict Resolution
J51_201504 TEMHOSEStabilizedRefrigerant 12 Automotive Air-Conditioning Hose
J850_201504 TEVSSTS1StabilizedFixed Rigid Barrier Collision Tests
J863_201504 TEMMTC32ReaffirmedMethods for Determining Plastic Deformation in Sheet Metal Stampings