New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

January 2018

New standards status definitions

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J1147_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedWelding, Brazing, and Soldering-Materials and Practices
J1205_201801 TEVHTReaffirmedPerformance Requirements for Snap-In Tubeless Tire Valves
J1206_201801 TEVHTReaffirmedMethods for Testing Snap-In Tubeless Tire Valves
J1242_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedAcoustic Emission Test Methods
J125_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedElevated Temperature Properties of Cast Irons
J1267_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedLeakage Testing
J1434_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedWrought Aluminum Applications Guidelines
J1574/1_201801 TEVVDCStabilizedMeasurement of Vehicle and Suspension Parameters for Directional Control Studies
J1574/2_201801 TEVVDCStabilizedMeasurement of Vehicle and Suspension Parameters for Directional Control Studies - Rationale
J1755_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedGuidelines for Usage of Stainless Steel and Bimetal for Exterior Automotive Bright Trim
J2408_201801 TETCHCanceledClutch Requirements for High-Torque Truck and Bus Engines
J2477_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedAutomotive Austempered Ductile (Nodular) Iron Castings (ADI)
J2582_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedAutomotive Ductile Iron Castings for High Temperature Applications
J2614_201801 TEMSFCCS5RevisedWelded and Cold-Drawn, High Strength (500 MPa Tensile Strength) Hydraulic Tubing, for Bending, Flaring, Cold Forming, Welding and Brazing
J359_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedInfrared Testing
J405_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedChemical Compositions of SAE Wrought Stainless Steels
J415_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedDefinitions of Heat Treating Terms
J417_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedHardness Tests and Hardness Number Conversions
J419_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedMethods of Measuring Decarburization
J420_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedMagnetic Particle Inspection
J421_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedCleanliness Rating of Steels By the Magnetic Particle Method
J422_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedMicroscopic Determination of Inclusions in Steels
J425_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedElectromagnetic Testing By Eddy Current Methods
J426_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedLiquid Penetrant Test Methods
J427_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedPenetrating Radiation Inspection
J428_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedUltrasonic Inspection
J431_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedAutomotive Gray Iron Castings
J435_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedAutomotive Steel Castings
J437_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedSelection and Heat Treatment of Tool and Die Steels
J438_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedTool and Die Steels
J439_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedSintered Carbide Tools
J451_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedAluminum Alloys - Fundamentals
J452_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedGeneral Information - Chemical Compositions, Mechanical and Physical Properties of SAE Aluminum Casting Alloys
J454_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedGeneral Data on Wrought Aluminum Alloys
J459_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedBearing and Bushing Alloys
J460_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedBearing and Bushing Alloys-Chemical Composition of SAE Bearing and Bushing Alloys
J461_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedWrought and Cast Copper Alloys
J462_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedCast Copper Alloys
J463_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedWrought Copper and Copper Alloys
J465_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedMagnesium Casting Alloys
J466_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedMagnesium Wrought Alloys
J468_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedZinc Alloy Ingot and Die Casting Compositions
J502_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedWoodruff Keys
J503_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedWoodruff Key Slots and Keyways
J775_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedEngine Poppet Valve Information Report
J836_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedAutomotive Metallurgical Joining
J864_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedSurface Hardness Testing with Files
J965_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedAbrasive Wear
J993_201801 TEMMTCStabilizedAlloy and Temper Designation Systems for Aluminum