New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

July 2016

New standards status definitions

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J1095_201606 TETCHS3RevisedFatigue Test Procedures: Hubs and Wheels for Demountable Rims
J1598_201606 TEVES3RevisedLaboratory Testing of Vehicle and Industrial Heat Exchangers for Durability Under Vibration-Induced Loading
J1859_201606 TETCBS5StabilizedTest Procedures for Determining Air Brake Valve Input-Output Characteristics
J1860_201606 TETCBS5StabilizedLabeling Air Brake Valves with Their Performance (Input-Output) Characteristics
J1861_201606 TETCBS5StabilizedAir Brake Valve Input-Output Characteristic Requirements
J2087_201606 TEVLCS5RevisedDaytime Running Light
J2192_201606 TEVEES2DRevisedRecommended Testing Methods for Physical Protection of Wiring Harnesses
J2270_201606 TERSSES2RevisedShip Systems and Equipment - Threaded Fasteners - Inspection, Test, and Installation Guidance
J2284/4_201606 TEVEES12IssuedHigh-Speed CAN (HSC) for Vehicle Applications at 500 kbps with CAN FD Data at 2 Mbps
J2830_201606 TEITSSHFRevisedProcess for Comprehension Testing of In-Vehicle Symbols
J2878_201606 TEVSSTS7AWRevisedLow Speed Thorax Impact Test Procedure for the HIII5F Dummy
J2990/1_201606 TEVFCIssuedGaseous Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle First and Second Responder Recommended Practice
J304_201606 TETDFLDC1RevisedEngine Oil Tests
J3069_201606 TEVLCS4IssuedAdaptive Driving Beam
J3095_201606 TEVSSTS1IssuedLinear Impactor Calibration Procedure
J593_201606 TEVLCS5RevisedBackup Lamp (Reversing Lamp)