New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

August 2015

New standards status definitions

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J1133_201507 TEVLCS7ReaffirmedSchool Bus Stop Arm Lamp
J1351_201507 TEVVOCINSRevisedHot Odor Test for Insulation Materials
J1699/3_201507 TEVDRevisedVehicle OBD II Compliance Test Cases
J1726_201507 TEVES3RevisedCharge Air Cooler Internal Cleanliness, Leakage, and Nomenclature
J182_201507 TEVHFES3RevisedMotor Vehicle Fiducial Marks and Three-dimensional Reference System
J1938_201507 TEVEES15RevisedProduct Development Process and Checklist for Vehicle Electronic Systems
J2111_201507 TEVLCS4RevisedHeadlamp Cleaners
J2286_201507 TETES6StabilizedVendor Component Program Data File Interface for OEM Assembly Operations
J2442_201507 TEVLCS8ARevisedHarmonized Provisions for Installation of Exterior Lamps and Retro-Reflecting Devices on Road Vehicles Except Motorcycles
J2779_201507 TEVSSTS7AWRevisedLow Speed Thorax Impact Test Procedure for the HIII 50th Male Dummy
J2839_201507 TETES2ReaffirmedHeavy Duty High Speed Datalink Connector
J3030_201507 TEVBES2DIssuedAutomotive Refrigerant Recovery/Recycling/Recharging Equipment Intended for use with Both R-1234yf and R-134a
J3045_201507 TETCASIssuedTruck and Bus Lane Departure Warning Systems Test Procedure
J3053_201507 TETES2IssuedHeavy Duty Truck and Bus Electrical Circuit Performance Requirement for 12/24 Volt Electric Starter Motors
J551/17_201507 TEVEES17StabilizedVehicle Electromagnetic Immunity - Power Line Magnetic Fields
J887_201507 TEVLCS7ReaffirmedSchool Bus Warning Lamp