New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

June 2016

New standards status definitions

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J1065_201605 TEMSFCCS5RevisedNominal Reference Working Pressures for Steel Hydraulic Tubing
J1616_201605 TETDFLDC7RevisedStandard for Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Fuel
J1668_201605 TEVES2RevisedDiesel Engines - Fuel Injection Pump Testing
J1752/1_201605 TEVEES17RevisedElectromagnetic Compatibility Measurement Procedures for Integrated Circuits - Integrated Circuit EMC Measurement Procedures - General and Definitions
J1982_201605 TEVWCReaffirmedNomenclature - Wheels for Passenger Cars, Light Trucks, and Multipurpose Vehicles
J2208_201605 TEVTDTS3StabilizedPark Standard for Automatic Transmissions
J2724_201605 TEVBCS2StabilizedMeasurement of Disc Brake Friction Material Underlayer Distribution
J2923_201605 TEVBCS3IssuedInertia-dynamometer Disc Brake Drag Measurement Test Procedure for Vehicles Less Than 4540 kg GVWR
J2954_201605 TEVHYBIssuedWireless Power Transfer for Light-Duty Plug-In/ Electric Vehicles and Alignment Methodology
J2981_201605 TEVVBC6IssuedStarter Battery Identification and Classification
J3073_201605 TEVVBC21IssuedBattery Thermal Management
J343_201605 TEMSFCCS2RevisedTest and Test Procedures for SAE 100R Series Hydraulic Hose and Hose Assemblies
J371_201605 TECMTCReaffirmedDrain, Fill, and Level Plugs for Off-Road, Self-Propelled Work Machines
J586_201605 TEVLCS5RevisedStop Lamps for Use on Motor Vehicles Less than 2032 mm in Overall Width
J930_201605 TEVVBC6RevisedStorage Batteries for Off-Road Self-Propelled Work Machines