New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

September 2013

New standards status definitions

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J1111_201309 TECMTCS4RevisedComponent Nomenclature - Skidder - Grapple
J1493_201309 TECOPTCS1RevisedGuarding of Starter System Energization
J183_201309 TETDFLDC1RevisedEngine Oil Performance and Engine Service Classification (Other than "Energy Conserving")
J1854_201309 TETCBS4ReaffirmedBrake Force Distribution Performance Guide - Truck and Bus
J1939/71_201309 TETES7RevisedVehicle Application Layer
J2247_201309 TETES2RevisedTruck Tractor Power Output for Trailer ABS
J2461_201309 TETES6RevisedVehicle Electronic Programming Stations (VEPS) System Specification for Win32®
J2551_201309 TEMSFCCS5CanceledRecommended Practices for Fluid Conductor Carbon and Alloy Steel Tubing Applications
J2658_201309 TEMSFCCS5CanceledCarbon and Steel Alloy Tube Conductor Assemblies for Fluid Power and General Use - Test Methods for Hydraulic Fluid Power Metallic Tube Assemblies
J2730_201309 TEVVDCReaffirmedDynamic Cleat Test with Perpendicular and Inclined Cleats
J2966_201309 TETCTV4IssuedGuidelines for Aerodynamic Assessment of Medium and Heavy Commercial Ground Vehicles Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
J674_201309 TEVBES4CanceledSafety Glazing Materials - Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Equipment