New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

October 2013

New standards status definitions

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J1113/1_201310 TEVEES17RevisedElectromagnetic Compatibility Measurement Procedures and Limits for Components of Vehicles, Boats (up to 15 m), and Machines (Except Aircraft) (16.6 Hz to 18 GHz)
J1128_201310 TEVEES2BRevisedLow Voltage Primary Cable
J1352_201310 TEMAMSRevisedCompression and Recovery of Insulation Paddings
J1353_201310 TECMTCS4RevisedNomenclature - Clam Bunk Skidder
J1518_201310 TECOPTCS1RevisedThree-Point Hitch (Type A) Backhoe Personnel Protection
J1830_201310 TEMFDED1AReaffirmedSize Classification and Characteristics of Ceramic Shot for Peening
J1952_201310 TEVTDTS13RevisedAll-Wheel Drive Systems Classification
J1985_201310 TEVES15RevisedFuel Filter - Initial Single-Pass Efficiency Test Method
J1993_201310 TEMFDED1AReaffirmedHigh-Carbon Cast-Steel Grit
J2041_201310 TEVLCS10RevisedReflex Reflectors for Use on Vehicles 2032 mm or More in Overall Width
J2330_201310 TECOPTCS2CanceledWalk-Along Work Machines - Braking Systems - Performance Requirements and Test Procedures
J2481_201310 TEVSSTS1RevisedDynamic Simulation Sled Testing
J2834_201310 TEVVDCIssuedRide Index Structure and Development Methodology
J2892_201310 TEMRIssuedGraphics - Based Service Information
J2953/1_201310 TEVHYBIssuedPlug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) Interoperability with Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)
J441_201310 TEMFDED1AReaffirmedCut Wire Shot
J827_201310 TEMFDED1AReaffirmedHigh-Carbon Cast-Steel Shot
J920_201310 TECMTCRevisedTechnical Publications for Off-Road Self-Propelled Work Machines