New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

December 2013

New standards status definitions

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Document Committee Status Title
J108_201312 TERMC Stabilized Brake System Road Test Code--Motorcycles
J10_201312 TETCBS5 Revised Automotive and Off-Highway Air Brake Reservoir Performance and Identification Requirements - Truck and Bus
J1308_201312 TECOPTCS1 Revised Fan Guard for Off-Road Machines
J1472_201312 TECOPTCS2 Canceled Braking Performance - Rollers
J2034_201312 TERMTS8 Revised Personal Watercraft Ventilation Systems
J2380_201312 TEVVBC2 Revised Vibration Testing of Electric Vehicle Batteries
J2643_201312 TEMCARS Revised Standard Reference Elastomers (SRE) for Characterizing the Effect of Liquids on Vulcanized Rubbers
J2847/3_201312 TEVHYB Issued Communication for Plug-in Vehicles as a Distributed Energy Resource
J2899_201312 TETCBS2 Issued Brake Adjustment Limit for Air Brake Actuators
J2975_201312 TEVBCS2 Revised Measurement of Copper and Other Elements in Brake Friction Materials
J356_201312 TEMSFCCS5 Revised Welded Flash-Controlled Low-Carbon Steel Tubing Normalized for Bending, Double Flaring, and Beading
J529_201312 TEMSFCCS5 Stabilized Fuel Injection Tubing