New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

January 2017

New standards status definitions

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J1200_201701 TEMFFCanceledBlind Rivets - Break Mandrel Type
J122_201701 TEMFFCanceledSurface Discontinuities on Nuts
J1405_201701 TEMSFCCS2ReaffirmedOptional Test Procedures for Hydraulic Hose Assemblies
J1626/2_201701 TETCBS4IssuedRecommended Practice for Braking, Stability, and Control Performance Test Procedure for Air-Brake-Equipped Trucks and Buses
J1636_201701 TEMStabilizedRecommended Guidelines for Load/Deformation Testing of Elastomeric Components
J167_201701 TECOPTCS4ReaffirmedOverhead Protection for Agricultural Tractors - Test Procedures and Performance Requirements
J174M_201701 TEMFFCanceledTorque-Tension Test Procedure for Steel Threaded Fasteners - Metric Series
J2305_201701 TECMTCS9RevisedHazard Reduction for Horizontal Earthboring Machines
J2337/3_201701 TEMSFCCS1StabilizedConnections for Fluid Power and High Pressure Use - Ports, Stud Ends, and Plugs with ISO 261 Threads and O-Ring Sealing - Part 3: Port Plug Requirements, Dimensions, Design, and Test Methods
J2419_201701 TETCOES3CanceledOccupant Restraint System Evaluation - Frontal Impact System-Level Heavy Trucks
J2808_201701 TEITSSHFRevisedLane Departure Warning Systems: Information for the Human Interface
J2836/3_201701 TEVHYBRevisedUse Cases for Plug-In Vehicle Communication as a Distributed Energy Resource
J2969_201701 TEVSSCDCA1IssuedUse of the Critical Speed Formula
J3085_201701 TERTHIssuedTerminology for Light and Medium Duty Trailers and Components