New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

February 2017

New standards status definitions

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J1085_201702 TEMStabilizedTesting Dynamic Properties of Elastomeric Isolators
J1183_201702 TEMStabilizedRecommended Guidelines for Fatigue Testing of Elastomeric Materials and Components
J1301_201702 TEVSSCDCA1RevisedTruck Deformation Classification
J1469_201702 TETCBS2RevisedAir Brake Actuator Test Procedure, Truck-Tractor, Bus, and Trailers
J1530_201702 TEMNMPPLS3RevisedTest Method for Determining Resistance to Fiber Loss, Resistance to Abrasion and Bearding of Automotive Carpet Materials
J1698/1_201702 TEVVEDIRevisedEvent Data Recorder - Output Data Definition
J1701_201702 TEMFFRevisedTorque-Tension Tightening for Inch Series Fasteners
J1883_201702 TEMStabilizedElastomeric Bushing "TRAC" Application Code
J1939DA_201702 TETES7RevisedJ1939 Digital Annex
J1979DA_201702 TEVDRevisedJ1979-DA, Digital Annex of E/E Diagnostic Test Modes
J1979_201702 TEVDRevisedE/E Diagnostic Test Modes
J224_201702 TEVSSCDCA1RevisedCollision Deformation Classification
J2337/2_201702 TEMSFCCS1StabilizedConnections for Fluid Power and High Pressure Use - Ports, Stud Ends, and Plugs with ISO 261 Threads and O-Ring Sealing - Part 2: Stud End Requirements, Dimensions, Design, and Test Methods
J2554_201702 TEVES5RevisedEngine Intake Air Water Separation Test Procedure
J2581_201702 TEVBCS2StabilizedThermal Transport Properties Germane to Friction Materials and Brakes
J2611_201702 TECMTCS8RevisedOff-Road Tire Replacement Guidelines
J2697_201702 TETES2ReaffirmedInverter Requirements for Class Eight Trucks - Truck and Bus
J2773_201702 TEVBES2HRevisedStandard for Refrigerant Risk Analysis for Mobile Air Conditioning Systems
J2907_201702 TEVHYBIssuedPerformance Characterization of Electrified Powertrain Motor-drive Subsystem
J3057_201702 TETCOES3IssuedAmbulance Modular Body Evaluation-Quasi-Static Loading for Type I and Type III Modular Ambulance Bodies
J3074_201702 TEVSSTS7AWIssuedLumbar Flexion Test Procedure for the Hybrid III 50th Male Dummy
J379_201702 TEVBCS2StabilizedGogan Hardness of Brake Lining
J380_201702 TEVBCS2StabilizedSpecific Gravity of Friction Material
J48_201702 TECMTCRevisedGuidelines for Liquid Level Indicators
J533_201702 TEMSFCCS1RevisedFlares for Tubing