New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

March 2017

New standards status definitions

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J1286_201703 TERMTRevisedThrust Test Device
J1344_201703 TEMNMPPLS11StabilizedMarking of Plastic Parts
J1392_201703 TEMMTC32StabilizedSteel, High Strength, Hot Rolled Sheet and Strip, Cold Rolled Sheet, and Coated Sheet
J1455_201703 TETES2RevisedRecommended Environmental Practices for Electronic Equipment Design in Heavy-Duty Vehicle Applications
J1468_201703 TEVES3RevisedOil Cooler Application Testing and Nomenclature
J1616_201703 TETDFLDC7RevisedRecommended Practice for Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Fuel
J1639_201703 TEMNMPPLS11StabilizedClassification System for Automotive Polyamide (PA) Plastics
J1698_201703 TEVVEDIRevisedEvent Data Recorder
J1930DA_201703 TEVDRevisedJ1930 Electrical/Electronic Systems Diagnostic Terms, Definitions, Abbreviations, and Acronyms Web Tool Spreadsheet
J1930_201703 TEVDRevisedElectrical/Electronic Systems Diagnostic Terms, Definitions, Abbreviations, and Acronyms - Equivalent to ISO/TR 15031-2
J1939/81_201703 TETES7RevisedNetwork Management
J2302_201703 TEVEES2DRevisedThermal Effectiveness of Sleeve/Tubing/Tape Insulation
J2340_201703 TEMMTC32StabilizedCategorization and Properties of Dent Resistant, High Strength, and Ultra High Strength Automotive Sheet Steel
J2403DA_201703 TETES7RevisedDigital Annex of Medium/Heavy-Duty E/E Systems Diagnosis Nomenclature
J2762_201703 TEVBES2DReaffirmedMethod for Removal of Refrigerant from Mobile Air Conditioning System to Quantify Charge Amount
J2945/9_201703 TEVDSRCIssuedVulnerable Road User Safety Message Minimum Performance Requirements
J2995_201703 TEVHBASS5IssuedStrength and Durability Testing for Automotive Hydraulic Brake Components
J3083_201703 TEVEES15IssuedReliability Prediction for Automotive Electronics Based on Field Return Data
J3102_201703 TETCOES3IssuedAmbulance Patient Compartment Structural Integrity Test to Support SAE J3027 Compliant Litter Systems
J3108_201703 TEVHYBIssuedxEV Labels to Assist First and Second Responders, and Others
J3112_201703 TEVBES2EIssuedA/C Compressor Oil Separator Effectiveness Test Standard
J915_201703 TEVTDTS3StabilizedAutomatic Transmissions - Manual Control Sequence