New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

April 2017

New standards status definitions

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J1287_201704 TERMCRevisedMeasurement of Exhaust Sound Pressure Levels of Stationary Motorcycles
J1298_201704 TEMSFCCS1StabilizedConnections for Fluid Power and General Use - Hydraulic Couplings - Diagnostic Port Sizes and Locations
J1696_201704 TEVES15RevisedStandard Fuel Filter Test Fluid
J1939DA_201704 TETES7RevisedJ1939 Digital Annex
J2743_201704 TETCBS5ReaffirmedAir Compressor Size Rating Recommended Practice - Truck and Bus
J2966_201704 TETCTV4RevisedGuidelines for Aerodynamic Assessment of Medium and Heavy Commercial Ground Vehicles Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
J3059_201704 TETCOES3IssuedAmbulance Patient Compartment Seated Occupant Excursion Zone Evaluation
J361_201704 TEMNMPPLS3RevisedProcedure for Visual Evaluation of Interior and Exterior Automotive Trim
J518/2_201704 TEMSFCCS2RevisedHydraulic Flanged Tube, Pipe, and Hose Connections, 4-Screw Flange Connection Part 2: 42 MPa (Code 62)
J68_201704 TERSCRevisedTests for Snowmobile Switching Devices and Components
J911_201704 TEMMTC32RevisedSurface Texture, Roughness (Ra), Peak Count(Pc), and Mean Profile Spacing, (Rsm) Measurement of Metallic Coated and Uncoated Steel Sheet/Strip to be Formed and/or to be Painted