New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

May 2017

New standards status definitions

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J1510_201705 TETDFLDC1RevisedLubricants for Two-Stroke-Cycle Gasoline Engines
J1939/73_201705 TETES7RevisedApplication Layer - Diagnostics
J238_201705 TEMFFStabilizedNut and Conical Spring Washer Assemblies
J2396_201705 TEITSSHFRevisedDefinitions and Experimental Measures Related to the Specification of Driver Visual Behavior Using Video Based Techniques
J2494/1_201705 TETCBS8StabilizedDimensional Specifications for Metallic Body Push-to-Connect Fittings Used on a Vehicular Air Brake System
J2591_201705 TEVLCS4RevisedLimited Adaptive Forward Lighting System
J3008_201705 TEVEES2AIssuedSealed Trailer Tow Connector
J3052_201705 TEVHBASS5IssuedBrake Hydraulic Component Flow Rate Measurement for High Differential Pressure (>5 bar)
J3117_201705 TEVEES2BIssuedUn-shielded Balanced Single Twisted Pair Ethernet Cable
J512_201705 TETCBS8ReaffirmedAutomotive Tube Fittings