New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

August 2017

New standards status definitions

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J1014_201708 TECMTCS4ReaffirmedClassification and Nomenclature Towing Winch for Skidders and Crawler Tractors
J1134_201708 TETCHStabilizedSAE Nodal Mount
J1204_201708 TEVWCRevisedWheels - Recreational and Utility Trailer Fatigue Test Procedure and Performance Requirements
J1355_201708 TEMAMSRevisedTest Method for Measuring Thickness of Resilient Insulating Paddings
J1454_201708 TECHFS4ReaffirmedDynamic Durability Testing of Seat Cushions for Off-Road Work Machines
J1608_201708 TETCHStabilizedManual Transmission Shift Patterns
J1731_201708 TETCHStabilizedPilot Bearings for Truck and Bus Applications
J1806_201708 TETCHStabilizedClutch Dimensions for Truck and Bus Applications
J183_201708 TETDFLDC1RevisedEngine Oil Performance and Engine Service Classification (Other than "Energy Conserving")
J1915_201708 TETCHStabilizedRecommended Remanufacturing Procedures for Manual Transmission Clutch Assemblies
J2087_201708 TEVLCS5RevisedDaytime Running Light
J2840_201708 TEVEES2BRevisedHigh Voltage Shielded and Jacketed Cable
J2846_201708 TEMAMSReaffirmedLaboratory Measurement of the Acoustical Performance of Body Cavity Filler Materials
J2927_201708 TEVBES2DReaffirmedR-1234yf Refrigerant Identifier Installed In Recovery and Recycling Equipment for Use With Mobile A/C Systems
J306_201708 TETDFLDC3RevisedAutomotive Gear Lubricant Viscosity Classification
J3088_201708 TEVSSASIssuedActive Safety System Sensors
J442_201708 TEMFDED1ARevisedTest Strip, Holder, and Gage for Shot Peening
J443_201708 TEMFDED1ARevisedProcedures for Using Standard Shot Peening Almen Test Strip
J576_201708 TEVLCS2RevisedPlastic Material or Materials for Use in Optical Parts Such as Lenses and Reflex Reflectors of Motor Vehicle Lighting Devices
J645_201708 TEVTDTS3RevisedAutomotive Transmission Terminology
J701_201708 TETCTVStabilizedTruck Tractor Semitrailer Interchange Coupling Dimensions
MS1001_201708 TETDFLDC2StabilizedLubricants, Industrial Oils, and Related Products Type A Lubricant for General Purpose and Total Loss Systems - Specification
MS1005_201708 TETDFLDC2StabilizedLubricants, Industrial Oils, and Related Products Type HF Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids—Specification