New Standards
New, Revised, Reaffirmed, Stabilized, and Cancelled Ground Vehicle Standards

October 2017

New standards status definitions

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J1052_201710 TEVHFES3RevisedMotor Vehicle Driver and Passenger Head Position
J1113/27_201710 TEVEES17ReaffirmedElectromagnetic Compatibility Measurements Procedure for Vehicle Components - Part 27 - Immunity to Radiated Electromagnetic Fields - Mode Stir Reverberation Method
J1238_201710 TECORMS31ReaffirmedRating Lift Cranes on Fixed Platforms Operating in the Ocean Environment
J1270_201710 TEVHTReaffirmedMeasurement of Passenger Car, Light Truck, and Highway Truck and Bus Tire Rolling Resistance
J1297_201710 TETDFLDC7StabilizedAlternative Automotive Fuels
J1366_201710 TECORMS31ReaffirmedRating Lift Cranes Operating on Platforms in the Ocean Environment
J1402_201710 TEMSFCCS2RevisedAutomotive Air Brake Hose and Hose Assemblies
J1772_201710 TEVHYBRevisedSAE Electric Vehicle and Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Conductive Charge Coupler
J1939/5_201710 TETES7RevisedMarine Stern Drive and Inboard Spark-Ignition Engine On-Board Diagnostics Implementation Guide
J1939/84_201710 TETES7RevisedOBD Communications Compliance Test Cases for Heavy Duty Components and Vehicles
J1939DA_201710 TETES7RevisedJ1939 Digital Annex
J1965_201710 TETCHS3RevisedRoad Vehicles - Wheels for Commercial Vehicles and Multipurpose Passenger Vehicles - Fixing Nuts - Test Methods
J220_201710 TECORMS31ReaffirmedCrane Boomstop
J2267_201710 TECMTCS4ReaffirmedMinimum Performance Criteria for Operator Front Protective Structure (OFPS) for Certain Equipment
J2613_201710 TEMSFCCS5RevisedWelded Flash Controlled, High Strength (500 MPa Tensile Strength) Hydraulic Tubing, for Bending, Double Flaring, Cold Forming, Welding, and Brazing
J2664_201710 TERTHRevisedTrailer Sway Response Test Procedure
J2686_201710 TETCBS1ReaffirmedBrake Drum Qualification Recommended Practice
J2809_201710 TEVDStabilizedHonda Diagnostic Serial Data Link Protocol - ABS/VSA System
J2855_201710 TEVSSTS7AWIssuedSAE Instrumented Arm User’s Manual
J2858_201710 TEVSSTS7AWIssuedHybrid III Ten-Year-Old Child Dummy User's Manual
J2931/7_201710 TEVHYBIssuedSecurity for Plug-In Electric Vehicle Communications
J3087_201710 TEVSSASIssuedAutomatic Emergency Braking (AEB) System Performance Testing
J393_201710 TETCHS3RevisedNomenclature - Wheels, Hubs, and Rims for Commercial Vehicles
J444_201710 TEMFDED1AReaffirmedCast Shot and Grit Size Specifications for Peening and Cleaning
J450_201710 TEMMTC1StabilizedUse of Terms Yield Strength and Yield Point
J517_201710 TEMSFCCS2RevisedHydraulic Hose
J527_201710 TEMSFCCS5StabilizedBrazed Double Wall Low-Carbon Steel Tubing
J551/16_201710 TEVEES17ReaffirmedElectromagnetic Immunity - Off-Vehicle Source (Reverberation Chamber Method) - Part 16 - Immunity to Radiated Electromagnetic Fields
J95_201710 TECOPTCS3StabilizedHeadlamps for Industrial Equipment
MS1002_201710 TETDFLDC2StabilizedLubricants, Industrial Oils, and Related Products Type C (Gears) Specification
MS1004_201710 TETDFLDC2StabilizedLubricants, Industrial Oils, and Related Products Type H (Hydraulic Fluids) - Specification