Thermophysical Characteristics of Working Fluids and Heat Transfer Fluids


This AIR is arranged in the following two sections:

2E - Thermodynamic Characteristics of Working Fluids, which contains thermodynamic diagrams for a number of working fluids currently in use and supplied by various industrial firms.

2F - Properties of Heat Transfer Fluids, which contains data, primarily in graphical form, on fluids that are frequently used in fluid heat transfer loops.

Other properties of the environment, gases, liquids, and solids, can be found, as follows, in AIR1168/9:

2A-Properties of the Natural Environment

2B-Properties of Gases

2C-Properties of Liquids

2D-Properties of Solids


The Technical Committee has determined that additional fluids are now in common use and new fluids continue to be developed. Fluid data is now readily available on the internet to a higher fidelity than is possible to put into AIR1168/10. The information presently included in AIR1168/10 is accurate although some of the fluids are no longer in common use.

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