Air Cargo Unit Load Devices - Reference Documents


The present SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) provides a list of the main government regulations, SAE and international standards, and standing industry recommendations applying to air cargo unit load devices (pallets, nets, and containers) to be loaded with either baggage or freight on board civil transport aircraft.

It is intended to provide unit load devices designers, purchasers, and operators as well as civil transport aircraft and aircraft cargo systems designers within the industry with a list of the available document references to cover the other aspects that do not all directly pertain to airworthiness and testing, listed in 1.1 of AS36100, – Air Cargo Unit Load Devices - Performance Requirements and Test Parameters [TSO-C90].

The scope of the listed documents covers airworthiness and continued airworthiness requirements, design and testing methods, design specifications, unit load devices accessories, and the main published rules for their proper operation/utilization and operating staff training.


This Aerospace Information Report was prepared in order to provide users with a comprehensive bibliography of the standards and recommendations applying to air cargo Unit Load Devices (ULD).

Revision B, in line with the AS36100B revision, updates the references with new standards, regulations and revisions published since Revision A, published 2011.

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