Assessment of the Inlet/Engine Total Temperature Distortion Problem


This report revises ARD50015 document to the AIR format. This report, as was the original, is intended to complement ARP1420C and AIR1419C documents issued by the SAE S-16 Committee on spatial total-pressure distortion. These previous documents addressed only total-pressure distortion and excluded total temperature distortion. The subject of inlet total temperature distortion is addressed in this report with some background and identification of the problem area. The status of past efforts is reviewed, and an attempt is made to define where we are today. Deficiencies, voids, and limitations in knowledge and test techniques for total temperature distortion are identified.


Due to the needs of the industry, this document has been upgraded to an AIR (Aerospace Information Report) from an ARD (Aerospace Research Document) status and was formerly catalogued as ARD50015. Most of the report is unchanged since the material is as useful now as it was when first published in 1991. Considerable total temperature distortion research has been accomplished since the publication of the original document, but these data are not available for public release. Thus, complete revision of this document is not presently warranted. A few paragraphs have been updated to reflect knowledge gained on recent aircraft programs. Other changes reflect consistency with more recently adopted definitions, and minor editorial and typographical corrections. Attempts were also made to update quality and timeliness of the original figures and tables. However, because it was not possible to retrieve some of the original material, the existing relevant figures and tables were kept, resulting in a varying appearance throughout this revision. As applications for turbine engines have become more sophisticated and the operating conditions more severe, the SAE S-16 Turbine Engine Inlet Flow Distortion Committee has recognized the need for guidelines and procedures that would address inlet flow total-temperature distortion in a manner similar to that accomplished for inlet flow total-pressure distortion, which resulted in the SAE documents ARP1420C and AIR1419C. This document brings together information and ideas which are required to address total temperature distortion problems. This document has been cleared for public release. The SAE S-16 Committee welcomes input from both industry and government organizations relative to the contents of this report and information on current and future programs in this important technical area as the committee attempts to define standard guidelines.

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