Ice Penetration Test Method for Runways and Taxiways Deicing/Anti-icing Chemicals


This test method provides stakeholders (runway deicing chemical manufacturers, deicing/anti-icing chemical operators and airport authorities) with a relative ice penetration capacity of runway deicing/anti-icing chemicals, by measuring the ice penetration as a function of time. Such runway deicing/anti-icing chemicals are often also used on taxiways and other paved areas. This test method does not quantitatively measure the theoretical or extended time of ice penetration capability of ready-to-use runway deicing/anti-icing chemicals in liquid or solid form.


This test method for liquid and solid runway deicing/anti-icing chemicals, offers a quantitative procedure to evaluate the ice penetration as a function of the time and temperature by such deicing/anti-icing chemicals and is based on the SHRP H-205.4- MODIFIED FOR AIRPORT APPLICATION (draft April 17/02) - Test Method for Ice Penetration of Liquid Deicing Chemicals (or Solids).This document includes the addition of a new reference control solution for solids : KAC 25%w/w. The ice penetration test method has been modified in order to add a second test temperature : -2 °C. The test method involves the use of a new test support and new ice preparation procedure.

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