Aerospace Photonics Technology Readiness Advancement and Insertion via Verification and Validation of Active Photonic Device Reliability and Packaging Durability


This document is intended for discrete and integrated digital, wavelength division multiplexing (WDM), and analog/radio frequency (RF) photonic components developed for eventual transition to aerospace platforms. The document provides the reasons for verification and validation of photonic device reliability and packaging durability. The document also provides methods for verifying and validating photonic device reliability and packaging durability. Applicable personnel include: Engineering Managers, Research and Development Managers, Program Managers, Designers, Engineers.


Technology readiness advancement and manufacturing readiness advancement is crucial to transitioning state-of-the-art photonic devices to aerospace platforms. Lack of component reliability data and packaging durability data presents programmatic risk, slows technology readiness advancement, which in turn slows technology transition. In the aerospace industry far too many fiber optics and photonics technology transition and insertion opportunities have been either postponed or cancelled by either lack of technology readiness advancement, lack of manufacturing readiness advancement, or failure to verify and validate photonic component reliability and packaging durability.

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