Lithium Battery Systems – Prognostics and Health Management


This AIR is intended to provide basic guidance on the features that should be considered for implementation when contemplating the design and development of rechargeable lithium battery systems for utilization onboard aircraft. These guidelines will apply to “installed” equipment which would be part of the original or supplemental type certification or military airframe qualification.


Because there are fundamental differences between aqueous chemistries and typical rechargeable lithium chemistries utilized in aircraft battery systems, additional measures must be implemented to ensure the safe operation of the new technologies represented by rechargeable lithium battery systems. Some of the more common methods employed include complex hardware for redundant safety features, software for monitoring and control of the electronic hardware, and mechanical safety design characteristics specific to the chemistry employed. Consequently, existing operating and performance specifications for aqueous chemistries have proven inadequate for rechargeable lithium chemistries necessitating the development of more robust specifications and standards for these emerging battery chemistries.

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