Applicable Integrated Vehicle Health Monitoring (IVHM) Regulations, Policy, and Guidance Documents


This AIR will address the need for a strategy to achieve aircraft operating certificate holder maintenance efficiencies within the existing regulatory environment as well as the need for regulation, policy, and guidance changes in the long-term to accommodate more complex IVHM solutions. This document will analyse which IVHM solutions can be incorporated within existing maintenance procedures and which also comply with regulations, policy, and guidance. One of the AIR’s objectives is to define best practices for aircraft operating certificate holders to engage with regulators to get approval for simpler IVHM applications leading to maintenance efficiencies. Additionally, this document will analyse the barriers that existing regulations, policy, and guidance present to the implementation of more advanced IVHM solutions. The result is a set of recommendations to certify and implement end-to-end IVHM solutions for the purpose of gaining maintenance efficiencies.


There is a gap between the technical capabilities of IVHM technology and the application of this technology at the aircraft operating certificate holder to affect the scheduling of and actions performed during maintenance operations. Several contributing factors to this gap include the required levels of IVHM airborne and ground hardware and software certification, and changes to an aircraft operator’s maintenance program within the existing set of regulations, policy, and guidance. This document will study this topic in detail and provide a set of recommendations for enabling short-term and long-term IVHM adoption.

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