Aircraft Deicing/Anti-Icing Methods


This document establishes the minimum requirements for ground based aircraft deicing/anti-icing Methods and procedures to ensure the safe operation of aircraft during icing conditions. This document does not specify requirements for particular airplane models. NOTE: Particular airline or aircraft manufacturers' published manuals, procedures, or methods supplement the information contained in this document.


This document is cancelled and superseded by AS6285 - Aircraft Ground De/Anti-Icing Processes./p>

Technical data in this document is superseded by technical data in AS6285. AS6285 was developed as a global deicing standard with the intent of replacing the recommended practices in this document as well as encompassing additional topics needed to specify the complete de/anti-icing process. AS6285 is technically superior to ARP4737.

Technical data in this document is no longer current. Use of this document will lead to unsafe practices as well as confusion when third parties provide aircraft de/anti-icing services.

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