Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) Compatible Illuminated Pushbutton Switches and Indicators


This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) reviews the basics of NVIS compatibility and discusses the specific illuminated pushbutton switch and indicator requirements for sunlight readability, color, luminance, and NVIS radiance when used in NVIS compatible cockpits.


Warning, caution and advisory push-button switches and indicators are considered by pilots to be one of the most important items in the aircraft crew station. With well defined and historical application of aviation color requirements, these push-button switches and indicators can be particularly difficult to achieve in an NVG green-lighted compatible crew station with chromaticity limits now defined by military specifications that are lacking in most FAR documents. This specific technology, which is utilized to deal with the design of these devices is covered in this document. The most recent revision to is update the references, add Class C response curve and to correct some photometric and radiometric requirements.

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