Endurance Time Test Procedures for SAE Type I Aircraft Deicing/Anti-Icing Fluids


The purpose of this ARP is to provide the sample selection criteria and test procedures for SAE Type I aircraft deicing/anti-icing fluids, required for the generation of endurance time data of acceptable quality for review by the SAE G 12 Holdover Time Subcommittee. A significant body of previous research and testing has indicated that all Type I fluids formulated with glycol perform in a similar manner from an endurance time perspective. This applies to Type I deicing/anti-icing fluids formulated with propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, and diethylene glycol only. Type I deicing/anti-icing fluids containing these glycol bases no longer require testing for endurance times. The methods described in this ARP shall be employed, however, if endurance time testing of a glycol-based Type I deicing/anti-icing fluid is desired or requested by a fluid manufacturer, operator or other organization. Fluids formulated with glycol bases other than those listed herein, and all non-glycol Type I deicing/anti-icing fluids, must be tested for endurance times using the methods described in this ARP (as appropriate).


This document has been updated to reflect current practices for conducting endurance time tests with SAE Type I fluids. Notably, a requirement has been added to conduct tests on composite surfaces in addition to the traditional aluminum surfaces, test conditions have been updated to reflect changes made to the conditions encompassed by the holdover time guidelines (e.g., removal of the “Above 0 °C” temperature band). In addition, test protocols have been added for conducting endurance time tests in laboratory snow and natural frost. Also, further wording has been added to make clearer which SAE Type I fluids are required to undergo endurance time testing and which are not. Finally, editorial changes have been made to improve clarity.

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