Evaluation and Approval of Cabin Simulator Devices


This ARP would define and standardize the basic tools necessary in order to determine the adequacy of the Cabin Simulator Devices for the conduct of crewmember training and qualification.


As the aviation industry continues to change, operators are constantly looking for methods to maximize efficiency and streamline costs. While the utilization of Cabin Simulators for the conduct of flight attendant and pilot training is not new, the feasibility of acquiring the devices and the complexity of these cabin simulators is becoming more common and technologically advanced as operators realize the benefits of have these simulators. The caveat for most operators while seeking to acquire these devices, is the ability to obtain approval from the regulatory authorities to utilize the cabin simulator in order to meet regulatory requirements and in some cases, receive authorization for a reduction in training hours. We know that there is a document available which comprehensively defines the performance standards for the production of these types of devices. However, our challenge continues to be the lack of guidelines for the authorities tasked with approving these simulators. Typically the individuals tasked with this responsibility have flight attendant, cabin safety or a pilot background which gives them an operational foundation for the assessment of the device. However, the engineering specifications, maintenance and a reliable method to determine whether the device meets the criteria of “looking like the exit, operating like the exit, feeling like the exit (measuring weight, forces and range of motion), are commonly technical skills that the assigned regulator does not possess. The lack of these skills typically results in approval delays that could have been avoided and increased expenses. By developing a standard, the authorities, manufacturer and operator will all know what the process is, what documents are necessary, the measuring devices and method that will be used to determine acceptability.

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