Qualifications Required for SAE Type I Aircraft Deicing/Anti-Icing Fluids


This document describes: 1) the preparatory steps to test experimental Type I fluids according to AMS1424; 2) the recommendations for the preparation of samples for endurance time testing according to ARP5945; 3) a short description of recommended field spray test; 4) the protocol to generate draft holdover time guidelines from endurance time data as obtained from ARP5945; 5) the role of the SAE G-12 Fluids Subcommittee; 6) the role of the SAE G-12 Holdover Time Subcommittee; 7) the process for the publication of holdover time guidelines and FAA/Transport Canada list of fluids.


This ARP documents the steps and processes: (a) to select samples for testing experimental SAE Type I fluids according to AMS1424 and ARP5945, (b) to run field spray tests, (c) to generate holdover time guidelines from endurance time data, and (d) to add and remove fluids from the lists of fluids published by The Federal Aviation Administration and Transport Canada. The intent of this ARP is to help fluid manufacturers and users to understand the overall process that a fluid must go through to be used in aviation. It describes and documents the processes by which an experimental fluid may become useable fluid.

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