Methods to Evaluate Impact Characteristics of Electronics Integrated Within Seats


Methods will be developed to characterize In Flight Entertainment (IFE) component impact performance separate from seat design. These methods will address both initial seat head impact criterion (HIC) testing and subsequent IFE component changes. Methods will evaluate head blunt trauma, post-impact sharp edges, and egress impediment. Criteria development will involve defining test methods, test parameters, measurements, and acceptance criteria. Particular emphasis on evaluating IFE changes that require coordination and evaluation per SAE ARP 6448, Appendix B.


With the release of FAA Advisory Circular 21-49, closer coordination between the seat and IFE suppliers is required to evaluate the effect of IFE changes to seat HIC and delethalization performance. Currently there are no agreed to evaluation methods, causing differing expectations between seat manufacturers, IFE manufacturers, and seat installers. The default is to repeat expensive row to row seat HIC testing again, which is subject to significant test variation. In addition, there is no consensus as to the level of conformity needed for IFE components used in seat dynamic testing that measures HIC.

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