Guidance on Mitigation Strategies for Laser Illumination Hazards


This document is intended to give guidance to users, regulators and persons in the aviation field who may be affected by the potential hazard of lasers aimed at aircraft by the general public. The potential hazards include startle (distraction, disruption, disorientation, and incapacitation), glare, flashblindness and eye injury. (Some information may also be useful for non-aviation users, such as persons driving vehicles. Additional information can be found in ANSI Z136.6, “Safe Use of Lasers Outdoors”.)


The greatest single bright-light hazard to aviation today is portable hand-held lasers misused by the general public. Pilots’ vision can be interfered with due to the bright light. There is also a small but finite possibility of causing an injury to pilots’ eyes. This document provides information to aviation users about 1) education and training, 2) operational considerations, and 3) whether and how to mitigate this hazard using Laser Glare Protection (LGP).

  • SAE ARP 6378
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