Balancing Machines - Tooling Management, Audit, and Control


The goal of this new document is to provide criteria for managing, auditing, and controlling the use of rotating balancing tooling and associated support tools. A variety of subjects will be addressed including serialization and marking requirements, critical inspection criteria, performance tracking through tooling compensation trend analysis, handling of gage standards (rotor simulators, master blades, dummy blades, etc.), recommendations for periodic and preventive maintenance intervals, test recommendations to evaluate rotating tooling performance, requirements for traceable measures (such as torques, runouts, eccentricity, etc.), repeatability characterization, and criteria for return to service.


The existing document ARP4163 Balancing Machines: Tooling Design Criteria provides guidance in the design characteristics for manufacturing and sourcing rotating balancing tooling. However, ARP4163 does not offer guidance regarding tool numbering, serialization, nomenclature, or the documentation and measurement of pertinent performance criteria. The objective of this document is to address that need. This new standard will be useful to Audit, Process Planning, Inspection, and Quality Control disciplines.

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