Guide for Achieving Plating/Finish Compatibility with Connectors and Accessories used in Electrical Wiring Interconnect Systems (EWIS)


The intent of this ARP is to provide guidance to assist users in choosing compatible component finishes/platings to achieve the best corrosion resistance performance for compatible components/couples. This SAE Recommended Practice is intended as a guide toward standard practice and is subject to change to keep pace with experience and technical advances. A galvanic compatibililty table is provided to assist with the compatible plating/finish selection. Specific plating performance parameters for each individual plating and each connector/accessory specification have also been provided to assist the product user with compatible plating/finish selection.


A limited scope change is required to correct/update the ARP to correct the compatibility group of Zinc Nickel plating and to delete the obsolete term “Muntz metal”.

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