Recommended Practise for the Operation and Use of Fire Containment Covers


To be defined. Current topics for consideration include: - Acceptable risk mitigation models - Situations FCCs should be used (type of cargo, shipper, route, aircraft, with pallets, cargo types) - When are FCCs not adequate or not needed (hazmat, non-combustibles) - FCC rating (length of flight vs rating,) - Basis of FCC application / protection (containing fire to pallet, slowing down fire propagation, preventing adjacent cargo fires, positioning to protect critical aircraft systems etc) - Smoke produced penetrated through FCCs/ produced from FCCs - FCC use over Lithium Battery shipments - FCC use the underfloor hold / Passenger Aircraft / Cargo Aircraft - FCC use and smoke detection & decompression (impact and action required) - Storage & Handling (storage conditions, expiration, prior to service & in-service ) - Installation & removal (single vs multiple installers, pairing with compatible nets and pallets, installation over cargo, installation on aircraft) - Security considerations (TSA, visibility of cargo load etc) - Repair - considerations; design, qualification, identification, inspection etc - Actions following use/incident (records, discarding FCC etc) - Actions on ground following identifying fire within FCC, evacuation etc (fighting the fire, removal from aircraft etc)


SAE AGE 2A tasked by FAA Aircraft Certification Service AIR-133 via STR dated 11th May 2015 to provide a new Aerospace Recommended Practice addressing Fire Containment Cover manufacturing, operational and maintenence items not covered by the MPS (AS6543) of TSO-C203. FAA objective to use the new ARP to develop an Advisory Circular (AC) for Fire Containment Covers

  • SAE ARP 6905
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