Moment Weighing Systems – Single-Axis for Gas Turbine Blade Moment Weight Measurement


The scope of these standards will relate to single-axis moment scales only. Topics covered include dimensional characteristics of single-axis moment scale interfaces, general tooling requirements, scale and tooling accuracy, and display instrument accuracy requirements. Additionally, general guidelines for qualification of equipment and tooling are included, as are general requirements for single-axis blade distribution software.


The existing document ARP1134-Adapter Interface-Turbine Engine Blade Moment Weighing Scale (last revised in 1973), is not up to date with respect to interface, scale, tooling and display accuracy requirements and also lacks guidelines for qualification of equipment and tooling. The objective of the proposed new document is to address those needs, focusing on single-axis moment scales only. The purpose of the new document is to establish certain standards pertaining to single-axis moment weighing systems whereby the manufacturers and end users whose components may require single-axis moment weighing, will be able to establish a commonality of equipment and processes.

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