Application of ARP4754A to propulsion control system integration


This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) provides guidance and interpretation on how to apply the objectives and activities in ARP4754A, “Guidelines for Development of Civil Aircraft and Systems”, to propulsion systems with electronic engine control. As the ARP4754A was developed and written more generally at the aircraft level, guidance will be provided to allocate ARP4754A objectives and activities to each side of the aircraft/engine interface. Using this guidance, certification applicants (aircraft and engine manufacturers) will be able to make proposals to coordinate their activities with their respective authority based on this allocation with the objective of distributing efficiently the compliance demonstration efforts between engine and aircraft certification and of avoiding unnecessary duplication of work.


The current trend in Electronic Engine Control System (EECS) design is an increasing level of complexity. This increased complexity yields increased possibilities for development errors (i.e. mistakes in requirements, design, or implementation) directly causing, or contributing to, EECS failures. Robust EECS development assurance activities become necessary to address this ever increasing complexity and to achieve the safety objectives of CS-E 50 / 14CFR 33.28. “These activities will contribute to the demonstration of compliance with CS-E 50/14CFR 33.28 and guide the engine type certificate holder’s support of the aircraft demonstration of compliance with CS-25.1309 / 14CFR 25.1309 (or equivalent).

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