Presentation of Tabular Data Sets that Represent or Provide Input to Gas Turbine Engine Performance Programs


This is an initial release of a recommended practice for exchange of tabular data between supplier and customer for performance prediction and model execution. It will recommend data presentation as well as any implied interpolation.


ASCII, aka. Neutral Character, Tabular (Tab Data or Brochure Data) Formatted files are routinely exchanged between engine suppliers and airframe customers to convey input or output of an engine model. Early on in conceptual design of aircraft, engine suppliers will provide these data sets of their advanced concept engine offering to airframe manufacturers based on their own internal parametric studies. The airframe customer to provide initial performance predictions of their air vehicle concept utilize this data. Later as more detailed engine models are used on a program, model inputs for these higher fidelity models are generated, the supplier may supply back to the engine suppliers input data files to the supplier to demonstrate a model issue, represent a predefined check case for predelivery execution or represent inputs to a model from a simulator or flight test. This ARP is intended to define and standardize various aspects of exchange of tabular performance data between the suppler and customer.

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