Direct Delivery Authorization Guidance for Aerospace Companies


Limited to the commercial aerospace industry where a request is made for a PO to have Direct Delivery Authorization (DDA), which includes an Appropriate Arrangement (AA) between the PO and the Design Organization (DO). In this process the DO is responsible for ensuring the continuous updating of design and airworthiness data to the PO, whilst the PO is responsible for assurance that the manufactured article conforms to approved design and airworthiness data. The PO is responsible to provide airworthiness release documentation.


This document was revised to coincide with European Union (EU) Commission Regulation No. 748/2012 of 3 August 2012 as amended by EU Commission Regulations No. 7/2013 of 08 January 2013 and No. 69/2014 of 27 January 2014, and the associated Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM) to Part 21 of EU Commission Regulation No. 748/2012. All other changes made to the document presented herein were editorial in nature.

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