Fittings, Tube, Fluid System, 3000 psig (21 000 kPa) Rated Pressure, Externally Swaged, Specification For


This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) establishes the requirements for externally swaged tube-fitting assemblies used in aircraft fluid systems in the following pressure classes: B (1500 psi or 10 500 kPa), and D (3000 psi or 21 000 kPa), and in temperature types I (-65 to 160 °F or -55 to 70 °C), and II (-65 to 275 °F or -55 to 135 °C) of AS2001. This specification covers a common Cres, titanium, and aluminum fittings that may be used for a range of operating pressures up to 3000 psi with different tubing materials and tubing wall thicknesses, and is assembled with the same tooling in accordance with AS5902. Table 10 shows applicable aerospace fitting part number standard and tubing materials and operating pressures.


Correct Sect 5.2.2 Sampling With Replacing ANSI Z1.4 To ARP9013 To Be Consistent With Subsequent Sub-Sect in

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