Cargo Restraint Straps - Design Criteria and Testing Methods


This Standard aims at identifying the design criteria and testing methods adequate to guarantee the ultimate load and operational dependability of cargo restraint strap assemblies with a typical 22,250 N (5,000 lbf) rated ultimate tension load capability, as used by the airline industry in order to restrain on board civil transport aircraft during flight: a. cargo loaded and tied down onto airworthiness certified air cargo pallets, themselves restrained into aircraft lower deck or main/upper deck cargo systems and meeting the requirements of NAS 3610 or AS36100, or b. non-unitized individual pieces of cargo, or pieces of, cargo placed onto an unrestrained ( "floating ") pallet into either lower deck or main deck containerized cargo compartments of an aircraft.


FAA Safety Alert for Operators (SAFO) 16007 prohibited use of cargo straps with D6-type end fittings. Decision was made by AGE-2A subcommitee at October 2016 meeting to open a project to revise AS5385C accordingly.

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