Fuze Well Mechanical Interface


This interface standard applies to fuzes used in airborne weapons that use a 3-in fuze well. It defines:

- Physical envelope of the fuze well at the interface with the fuze.
- Load bearing surfaces of the fuze well.
- Physical envelope of the fuze and its connector.
- Mechanical features (e.g., clocking feature).
- Connector type, size, location and orientation.
- Retaining ring and its mechanical features (e.g., thread, tool interface).
- Physical envelope of the retaining ring at the interface with the fuze.
- Physical space available for installation tools.
- Torque that the installation tool shall be capable of providing.

This standard does not address:

- Materials used or their properties.
- Protective finish.
- Physical environment of the weapon.
- Explosive interface or features (e.g., insensitive munitions (IM) mitigation).
- Charging tube.
- Torque on the retaining ring or loads on the load bearing surfaces.

Each fuze and weapon combination should be evaluated to ensure that the weapon system will satisfy all safety, reliability, and performance requirements throughout its lifecycle.


This document has been determined to contain basic and stable technology which is not dynamic in nature.

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